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Rob Lancit

Rob got his first taste of franchising back in 1995 where he led the franchise division for a technology start-up. This led to his direct and active involvement with the IFA, and attendance at several US Trade Missions to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Italy.

During this period Rob worked with several top US Franchise systems, learning the ropes and discovering the pitfalls American franchise systems invariably stumbled into while attempting to develop Canadian versions of their US models.

In 2000 Rob launched FranTech Media, a franchise development firm with the express intention of assisting US franchisors expanding into the Canadian marketplace.

Then, in 2001 Rob perceived a need in the marketplace for a web portal geared towards franchising opportunities in Canada – BeTheBoss ( was the result. Which grew to be the largest and most respected franchise directory in the country, which he sold in 2015.

He brings a wealth of knowledge in understanding today’s technological challenge’s and is able to bridge the gap between business development and technology. In doing he is able to take online franchise directories to new heights all while ensuring the success of each site.

Rob Lancit's Recent Articles

Apr 22, 2019

7 Reasons to Buy a Donut Franchise

I think Homer Simpson said it best when he said, “Mmm, donuts”, and then drooled. Who doesn’t love donuts? They are a tasty treat. But are they as tasty in a business sense? Can you make money...
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Apr 17, 2019

The Stats on Automotive Franchises

There are two types of franchisees in this world: those who come to franchise ownership because they know, love, and excel within their given industry or business, and those who want to own a...
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Apr 8, 2019

Key Takeaways from the Franchise 500 List

Entrepreneur magazine has been publishing the top 500 franchises for over forty years and they have recently published their 2019 version. The list can tell us a lot, but it should by no means be...
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Apr 3, 2019

A Useful Franchise Cost List

Responsibility, autonomy, independence, and a stronger correlation between how hard you work and how much you earn, are just some of the great benefits of owning a franchise that make franchise...
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Feb 22, 2019

Why You Should Consider a Spa Franchise

Spa franchise opportunities are becoming increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs and business people. But why is that? Of all the innumerable kinds of franchises one could buy, why are...
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Feb 20, 2019

Do You Have Printing Franchises for Sale?

One of the most common questions that we at Be The Boss get asked is, “Do you have printing franchises for sale?”. What we say (after explaining that we ourselves don’t have a printing franchise...
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