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Christy Wilson Delk

Christy Wilson Delk knows first-hand what it takes to be a successful franchised business owner.

In 1998, Christy opened a Kids ‘R’ Kids Academy franchise after selling her home and cashing out her 401k for the down-payment on a $1.7 million-dollar SBA loan.   Over the next fifteen years, she grew and expanded her franchise into one of the largest in the early childhood education segment before a very successful multi-million dollar exit in 2012.

Now, a full-time business professor, Christy has turned her attention to helping new and prospective franchisees achieve the level of success they want and deserve.  Through her talks and articles, based on her new book, Adventures in Franchise Ownership - 4 Pillars to Strengthen, Protect and Grow Your Business, Christy’s straightforward and humorous advice, along with over 16 other top performing franchisees, will surely empower you to Be Your Own Boss - and guide you through the ownership process.

Contact Number: 407-399-5554

Christy Wilson Delk's Recent Articles

Jun 7, 2019

Q.A. Reps Cringe When Zee’s Leave Town

This one is for Linda M. and all the other QA reps out there. Americans, in general, take off much less than out of country workforces and business owners, even less. I lived in denial...
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Apr 26, 2019

Time to Count the Eggs in Your Basket

Spring has officially sprung and while it may be too soon to count your year-end chickens; it is decidedly not too soon to count your eggs. If you’ve been following along with me, you know...
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Sep 20, 2018

Build Your Loyalty Pillar

In the most recent article, I built the case for why you should focus on Building Layers of Loyalty into all aspects of your franchise. Short answer? It’s the foundational Pillar and...
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Mar 23, 2018

Is the Universe Speaking to You?

The universe sometimes has a funny way of speaking to us. The question is, are you listening? I suspect that you are because you landed on this website which probably means you are...
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May 5, 2017

Summer Plans?! Help Franchisees with 5...

Franchise owners, especially those newer to your system, are often hesitant to take a much needed and well deserved family summer vacation and break from their business. The problem is, they are...
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Mar 29, 2017

Know Your Sweet Spots

“Do you know who Sweet Spot customers are?” That’s the question I often open with when I present to franchisees. Some people immediately nod their head. Most folks, though, sort of look...
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Aug 20, 2016

More Than Luck

If you are one of the growing numbers of folks interested in franchising, you are at the right place. Reading articles and taking in the expert opinions are important parts of your due diligence....
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