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Paul Bosley

Paul Bosley, owner of dba Business Finance Depot, has been financing fitness centers and franchises for over a decade. Our company packages Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to finance the working capital and build out for many franchisees with a variety of key SBA lenders. Paul works closely with many leasing companies to finance almost any vehicles and equipment needed to operate any business. Business Finance Depot offers these unique products to franchisors who want to offer financing to their new and existing franchisees.

Paul Bosley's Recent Articles

May 19, 2020

Equipment Leasing - Updated

A financing option often overlooked that is available for franchises that require equipment to operate their business is to consider equipment leasing. Franchisees can finance the purchase...
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Feb 7, 2020

Starting Your New Business

Key Steps To Starting Your New Business: Pick a corporation name. If you are purchasing a franchise, you will trade under the franchise name. Research the...
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Sep 24, 2018

Financing Options for a New Franchisee

A new franchisee can be funded by any combination of 3 methods: Self-Funding, Equity Financing and/or Debt Financing. In all cases, a new business owner will have to invest some of their own...
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Jun 6, 2018

Equipment Leasing

The most common financing option available for franchises using equipment leasing is a capital lease. The main purpose of a capital lease is to finance the equipment purchase while preserving the...
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