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Mariel Miller

Mariel has 27 years experience in the franchise sector. She uses her rich background to provide franchise-related advice and coaching to potential entrepreneurs and educates them on thoroughly vetting franchise opportunities through her firm Her in-depth coaching is free of charge for the curious to the serious candidate. Popular with those seeking semi-passive, scalable and quality of life opportunities, she expertly guides clients through a personal yet efficient discovery process.

She has successfully worked in organizational development in the franchise industry nationally as a speaker and consultant on “people, performance & profits” and best practices in successful franchising. Mariel holds an MA in Counseling Psychology & Organizational Development . She is a trusted SCORE resource as a specialist in franchising.

She can be reached at 877-220-4214

Mariel Miller's Recent Articles

May 4, 2018

Family Focus & Franchising

When we meet a new client – before we talk about brands, it’s important to identify motivators, the goals and the needs that this new business may provide. Today more than ever, clients are...
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Feb 2, 2018

The Nuts and Bolts

January started with a real celebration of the economy, business and franchising! Interest is high and activity is really breaking records. More people are curious about franchise business...
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Jan 5, 2018

What’s In a Name, Anyway?

Mark asks: I am pretty far down the road with one franchise business and I like what I see, but I am concerned they only have a few dozen units and there is not enough brand recognition. Where’s...
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Nov 29, 2017

Advice For Success in Franchising

Stan asks: I know it is true that a business with a history of success, like a franchise, will do better than starting one on my own, but even they fail sometimes. What would you say is most...
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Nov 7, 2017

Where will Passion Take You in Business?

Pat asks: Just beginning my search and I am looking to find a business I can be passionate about. Everyone tells me to “follow my passion”. Is this good advice? As an entrepreneur &...
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A Case for Competition...

I’ve worked with hundreds of people exploring business ownership, and there are some common thinking patterns, errors actually, that I come across regularly. One has to do with “the...
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