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Aug 9, 2018

Creating and Building a Better Brand

I cannot overestimate the importance of creating and maintaining a powerful brand identity which, in the minds of your customers, will conjure up an image of incomparable quality and simply...
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Jul 18, 2018

Evaluating Lead Generation Tactics

Finding the right mix for your franchise marketing efforts In the last decade or so, the franchise industry has experienced consistent, impressive growth. This is due largely to the...
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Jul 11, 2018

How Well Do You Communicate

The exchange of information, ideas, feelings, attitudes and values depends on successful communication.  Through successful communication we develop those skills with whom we work. ...
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Jul 11, 2018

Lean on Me, When You’re Not Strong

There are a number of reasons a person chooses to invest in a franchise versus starting their own independent business. The most obvious reasons are typically the established business model, the...
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Jul 6, 2018

Franchise Jargon: What Does It All Mean

Are you new to franchising and wondering what all the lingo, jargon, acronyms and abbreviations mean? You're not alone! I think the first question most people have is why abbreviations (abrv) are...
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Jun 19, 2018

How to Avoid a Bad Franchise Opportunity

With hundreds of superior franchise opportunities available today, there is no reason for you to settle for less than the best opportunity in your investment range. There's no single indicator...
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Jun 6, 2018

Equipment Leasing

The most common financing option available for franchises using equipment leasing is a capital lease. The main purpose of a capital lease is to finance the equipment purchase while preserving the...
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May 16, 2018

Franchising and Succession Planning

Succession planning is not a topic that many small business and franchise operators what to think about. In addition to it’s often times negative connotation, its priority can sometimes be lost...
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May 11, 2018

Marketing Warfare...The Winning Secrets

Business is war. The right marketing strategy is the key that leads to victory – profits and growing market share. And the wrong marketing strategy leads to defeat – deficits and shrinking market...
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