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Sep 27, 2019

Can You Really Make Money from Home?

“Make money from home!”, shout the innumerable annoying ads you see on the side or bottom of just about every other webpage you visit. The ad always has flashing colors and tends to display a...
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Sep 23, 2019

Is There Money in Education?

Thank heavens for educators, right? Our teachers taught us as kids and helped us develop into the functional and successful adults we are today. Many of us now have children whose curiosity and...
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Sep 20, 2019

How Business Consulting Franchises Work

Many people come to franchise ownership merely because they want their own business to run and want to be their own boss. There’s nothing wrong with this; if there was, we wouldn’t have named our...
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Sep 3, 2019

Can Social Media Help Me Sell Franchises?

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to help brands connect with people. In the United States alone, approximately 223 million people use social media and they spend...
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Sep 2, 2019

Why You Should Get into the Beauty Business

The beauty business is a big business. There is a ton of money out there in the beauty business and as such it is very attractive to business people and entrepreneurs. But how can you get some of...
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Aug 30, 2019

Sign Franchises Working Mechanism

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign”, sang the Five Man Electrical Band in 1970 and whatever you think of that song, they were right, at least literally. We see signs everywhere we go. And I don’t...
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Aug 23, 2019

Can You Buy a Master Franchise?

In theory, the franchise business model is not particularly complicated. The owners of a business can sell or lease their brand name and their business template to qualified candidates to run...
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