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Aug 21, 2019

5 Reasons to Pursue Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities are great opportunities. They’re great opportunities for business people who want a relatively safe way to invest their money; to invest their money into a business that...
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Jul 31, 2019

What Types of Education Can You Franchise?

Education is great. It’s fun and important to learn and teaching others can be really rewarding. Rewarding in more of an emotional and spiritual sense, perhaps. Few people have got rich off of...
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Jul 26, 2019

Event Management & Franchising

Event management has been around in one form or another for decades now. But it has only been relatively recently that people have really been able to make a career, and more specifically, a...
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Jul 23, 2019

Can You Run a Franchise Part Time?

We sometimes get asked why we decided to name our website “Be The Boss”. The answer is fairly simple. While there are many great reasons to pursue franchise ownership, there is one thing common...
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Jul 22, 2019

4 Benefits to Running a Kiosk Franchise

Kiosk franchises are franchised businesses that operate out of kiosks. A kiosk franchise can sell pretty much anything, from mobile phones and phone plans, to jewelry, to cosmetics, to beverages,...
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Jul 18, 2019

Electronics Franchises 101

The importance of technology and electronics to our society continues to increase year over year, decade after decade. Much of this innovation reaches consumers in terms of software, e.g....
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Jul 10, 2019

eBrochures in the Age of Customization

It’s the oldest customer service trick in the book made new again by modern technology. People want to feel listened to, catered to, and special. The only difference is now they want it faster...
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Jul 1, 2019

Summer Love for Franchising

When it comes to “Christmas in July,” there is a special connection I like to make with franchising. That’s because, like our winter holiday season, this is another time for family vacations. And...
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