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Nov 16, 2018

Marketing by Magnetic Attraction

The principle of attraction is most frequently presented as a metaphysical concept, carried to foolish extremes – thinking will make it so. It won’t, but it is a legitimate principle when applied...
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Oct 5, 2018

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

If you are one of the millions of Americans currently enthralled with the seemingly endless selection of talent competition-based reality shows on TV, then you have likely seen some pretty...
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Sep 24, 2018

Financing Options for a New Franchisee

A new franchisee can be funded by any combination of 3 methods: Self-Funding, Equity Financing and/or Debt Financing. In all cases, a new business owner will have to invest some of their own...
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Sep 20, 2018

Build Your Loyalty Pillar

In the most recent article, I built the case for why you should focus on Building Layers of Loyalty into all aspects of your franchise. Short answer? It’s the foundational Pillar and...
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Sep 12, 2018

Grand Opening Strategies that Pop

Selling a franchise is an exciting accomplishment for any franchisor. Yet what is even more exciting is actually seeing your hard work come to fruition when your franchisees open their doors for...
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Aug 9, 2018

Creating and Building a Better Brand

I cannot overestimate the importance of creating and maintaining a powerful brand identity which, in the minds of your customers, will conjure up an image of incomparable quality and simply...
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