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Franchise Consulting Firm The Franchise Alliance Announces 300th Franchise Partner


Mar 11, 2013

February 25, 2010 -- Franchise consulting industry leader Franchise Alliance, Inc. announced yet another milestone today at its Atlanta Headquarters. Already the fastest growing international franchise brokerage network, the Franchise Alliance introduced The Goddard School as the 300th franchise to be currently represented by the company and its network of franchise consultants. Principals of the Franchise Alliance note that they have the largest and most diverse franchise portfolio in the franchise broker community.

The Franchise Alliance is approaching 200 total consultants with coverage from coast to coast and internationally. The Franchise Alliance business model connects franchisors with qualified franchise buyers. The Franchise Alliance broker/consultant provides a matching service that saves time, money, and energy for a candidate wishing to buy a franchise. The benefit to the client is receiving a no cost service that will introduce him/her to franchises they might not have considered on their own……franchises that they can afford, that are available in their area, that they will have a high aptitude for, and that will give them the return on investment needed. The benefit to the franchise company is the ability to work with qualified prospects for the franchise without having to market and qualify the program….outsourcing at its best! Because the Franchise Alliance broker is paid a referral fee from the franchise company for successfully matching the client with the franchise, there is never a cost to their client.

Founder Dan Prechtel noted that “When I started the first franchise consulting agency in 1992, only a small fraction of all franchise companies considered working with franchise brokers. Most franchisors had internal sales forces and national advertising was limited to the big and powerful. The playing field became more level with the wide acceptance of the internet, allowing every franchise large and small to have an equal voice. This quantum shift created confusion and competition, enhancing the need for our great service both with the franchise and client. Last year over 35% of all franchise sales originated with a franchise consultant referral, and the market continues to grow.”

Recent studies have shown that franchisors have drastically increased their use of brokers as well as the incentive and commission plans that have been put in place for the franchise broker community. Mr. Prechtel further commented on how the type of franchisors that have contracted with the Franchise Alliance has changed over the years. "Even in the late 1990's franchise brokers largely worked with only emerging brands -- those companies that needed to reach a national market and looked for brokers to help them find qualified franchise candidates. Today we have a mixture of smaller concepts as well as larger multinational franchises on board such as Aamco, Choice Hotels, Maaco, Meineke, Goddard School, Bennigan's, ACE Hardware, Liberty Tax, the list keeps going on with household names that our clients and brokers really appreciate."

A quick review of the 300+ franchises under contract with The Franchise Alliance demonstrates that a large range of franchises are relying on franchise brokers to attract qualified franchise candidates. Some non-retail franchises cost as little as $20,000 and can be launched within a few weeks, while others cost more than $4,000,000 and require large retail locations. There offerings range from retail, food, service, home-based, and B2B franchises. As Mr. Prechtel likes to say, “if you have at least $20,000 and one ounce of ambition, we will find you the perfect business every time!”

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Founded in 2003 and considered by industry insiders the gold standard in franchise consulting, Franchise Alliance, Inc. is the only full service franchise consulting agency in the country with close to 200 franchise consultants. Through its Franchise Partner division the company is bringing new franchises to life, while its advertising division affords franchisors unique advertising initiatives available nowhere else.