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Due to the Increased Demand for Their Consulting Services, Franchise Alliance, Inc. is Accepting Qualified Individuals Into Their International Network of Business Owners.

Are You Looking for a Business That Will Help You Achieve a Better Quality of Life?

A Business That Will Provide Both Personal Fulfillment And Financial Rewards?

A Business That is Even More Profitable in a Struggling Economy?

Have You Found Any Business That Offers All of the Following Benefits?
  • A Total Investment of Only $24,900
  • Return on Investment With Just 1 or 2 Transactions
  • A Multi-Billion Dollar, Recession-Proof Industry
  • Clients Provided (No Cold Calling or Selling Required)
  • A Verifiable Six-Figure Income
  • Multiple Sources of Revenue
  • The Only Company in the Industry With No Royalties
  • The Most Experience (Over 25 Years)
  • Relationships With the Most and the Best Franchises
  • No Prior Experience Necessary
  • The Most Comprehensive Training and Support Program
  • Home-Based or Small Office Location
  • Flexibility to Work Part-time or Full-Time
  • An Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
A Rewarding and Lucrative Business
When you own a Franchise Consulting business with Franchise Alliance, you will be helping people identify the franchise that is the best match for them, as well as helping independent companies become franchises. As a result, you will experience the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others achieve their goals, while enjoying the financial rewards that come from multiple income streams, very high fees and very low overhead. This is a business for people who do not want the time committment and the financial commitment required of a typical business, but instead are looking for more flexibility, a lower investment, a faster return on investment, and a higher income than they can achieve through other businesses. How many businesses have you seen where you can recover your entire investment with just one or two transactions?

Dan Prechtel, the President of Franchise Alliance, has over 25 years of experience, and is considered by industry insiders as the founder of franchise consulting and its leader in innovation. As a result, he has established relationships with the most and the best franchises, and he has developed the most comprehensive training and support program. So you do not need prior industry experience to be very successful in this business. What you do need to bring to this business are strong communication skills, a strong desire to help others, the ability to manage business relationships, and the willingness to learn and follow a proven system.

Mike Reis, one of the people who operate their own Franchise Consulting business by utilizing the Franchise Alliance system, has seen tremendous growth in this industry. “In the last five years alone, the percent of franchise buyers who have used franchise consultants has grown from 5% to 29%. That’s almost 600% growth in our industry! I don’t know of any industry that has experienced that level of growth. Plus, this is one of the businesses that performs even better in a struggling economy, because, among other factors, downsizing drives people to franchise ownership.”

For $24,900 complete, we provide a professional business, ready to run, with the Franchise Alliance team standing with you every step of the way!

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