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6 Great Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Rob Lancit


May 25, 2020

There are many franchises that require significant investment but offer big rewards. However, you don’t need to invest a fortune to make money with a franchise. Here are six great low-cost franchise opportunities.

Insurance Franchises are Low-Cost Franchises that Give You the Opportunity to Access a Large Customer Base

Insurance is a necessity for almost every American today. Automobile insurance, health insurance, home insurance, renter’s insurance, liability insurance, and more. With an insurance franchise, you have many options when it comes to the type of service you will provide. And because insurance franchises don’t require expensive equipment or a large staff or large office, they make for great low-cost franchise opportunities.

Cleaning Franchises Are Great Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities Because of the Lack of Overhead

Cleaning franchises are great low-cost franchise opportunities because they have so much of what makes businesses successful. With a cleaning franchise, you have a wide customer base, different options in terms of what type of cleaning services you provide, and you don’t need to pay for a dedicated office or headquarters.

A Lack of Overhead Costs coupled with Great Flexibility Makes Travel Franchises Great Low-Cost Franchises

Low overhead costs are key to all great low-cost franchise opportunities. Travel franchises definitely benefit from this. To run a successful travel franchise all you really need is a laptop, a good work ethic, and a travel franchise brand people trust.

Tax Services Businesses Give Franchisees an Opportunity to Diversify Their Clientele and Serve Many Customers

Some tax services businesses rent a large office and have a big staff. But you don’t need to be large to be a successful tax services franchise. Small tax services franchises can market themselves as being more dedicated to their clients. And tax services are relatively recession-proof. (When do you need tax help more than when money is tight?)

Advertising Franchises Usually Have Steady Business Because There are so Many Different Clients with Whom they Can Work

Advertising franchises are similar to tax franchises in terms of their range of size. There are huge ad firms, of course. But a small one might be more dedicated to their clients, who could operate in just about any field. Advertising franchises are great low-cost opportunities if you can find the right clientele.

The Flexibility, Freedom, and Relatively Small Investment Required Make Painting Businesses Great Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Painting businesses don’t need home offices or expensive equipment. A roller and pole are pretty affordable tools. You can do the painting yourself, too, to save on employment costs. Painting businesses are great low-cost franchise opportunities for those who don’t like the office atmosphere.

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