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Interview with Mehrnaz, CEO of M Browz


Jun 05, 2024

M Browz is a leading franchise in the esthetics and semi-permanent makeup industry. Today, we sit down with the founder and CEO of M Browz, Mehrnaz, to learn more about the brand, the franchise opportunity, and what it takes to succeed in this exciting field.

.   I understand that M Browz is a franchise specializing in esthetics and semi-permanent makeup. Can you explain what sets M Browz apart in this industry?

Mehrnaz:   Absolutely. At M Browz, we believe beauty belongs to everyone. Our mission is to help individuals look and feel their most confident. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to our franchisees through the M Browz Academy, ensuring they deliver excellent services using the latest techniques. Our unique franchise model also includes proprietary anti-aging skincare products and advanced technology tools to streamline business operations, making it easier for franchisees to succeed.

.    Can you tell us more about the M Browz concept and the services you offer?

Mehrnaz:   Of course. M Browz combines beauty and business efficiency. We offer a range of services, including semi-permanent makeup techniques like microblading, eyeliner, and lip blush, as well as various facial treatments and full-suite waxing services. Our franchisees also benefit from selling our exclusive skincare products. This variety not only attracts a broad clientele but also creates multiple revenue streams for our franchise owners.

.    What experience does a prospective franchisee need to own a spa with M Browz?

Mehrnaz: We’re looking for passionate and entrepreneurial individuals who love helping others feel beautiful. While prior experience in esthetics is a plus, it's not a requirement. Our comprehensive training at the M Browz Academy equips franchisees with all the skills they need to provide high-quality services and run a successful business. The key qualities we seek are dedication, a willingness to learn, and the ability to follow our proven system.

.    How did you become involved in the esthetics and permanent makeup industry?

Mehrnaz: My journey began out of a passion for beauty and helping others enhance their natural features. After years of perfecting my skills and understanding the industry's dynamics, I saw an opportunity to create a business model that could empower others to share this passion. I founded M Browz to provide comprehensive training, quality products, and a supportive community for those looking to make a career in esthetics.

.    What are the advantages of being an M Browz franchisee?

Mehrnaz: One of the biggest advantages is the strong support system we offer. From initial training to ongoing guidance, we ensure our franchisees are well-prepared. They also benefit from our well-established brand reputation, access to exclusive products, and advanced business management tools. Our community of franchisees is going to be a supportive one who willingly shares insights and success stories. This will create a collaborative environment that helps everyone thrive.

.    Who is not the right fit to be an M Browz Franchisee in your opinion?

Mehrnaz: That's a great question. While our franchise model is designed to support a wide range of individuals, it's not for everyone. If someone is looking for a passive investment and isn’t willing to actively engage with their business, M Browz might not be the right fit. This business requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for customer service. Additionally, if someone isn’t open to following our established system and prefers to do things their own way, they may struggle to find success with our franchise model.

.    What does M Browz support look like for an M Browz Franchisee?

Mehrnaz: We provide a range of tools and support, starting with the M Browz Academy for initial and ongoing training. Plus, franchisees get access to our proprietary skincare line. We also assist with site selection, studio design, and local marketing campaigns to help franchisees establish and grow their business.

.    Who is your ideal franchisee?

Mehrnaz: Our ideal franchisee is someone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for beauty, and a commitment to customer service. They should be ready to invest their time and energy into building a successful business. Most importantly, they should be excited to learn and grow with us, applying the skills and knowledge they gain from our training programs.

.    What advice would you give to someone considering an M Browz franchise?

Mehrnaz: My advice would be to wholeheartedly embrace the journey of becoming a business owner with M Browz. Start by doing thorough research to understand the incredible potential and rewards that come with this opportunity. If you have a genuine passion for beauty and a drive to make a difference in people's lives, this is the perfect platform for you. M Browz offers a proven system, comprehensive training, and continuous support to ensure your success. If you’re ready to commit and follow our proven model, the M Browz franchise can provide you with a deeply fulfilling and profitable venture. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, and we believe in your potential to thrive and grow with us.