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Josh Yale of The BBQ Cleaner


Jun 30, 2017

When you ask Josh Yale, Owner of My Grill Guy in Southlake Texas, authorized Technician of The BBQ Cleaner, what his typical day is like, he stops and smiles as the answer still surprises him. After all, he’s of the rare breed who can’t wait for Monday morning to arrive every week.

“Well the typical day consists of 3-4 different cleanings for my clients.” Yale says with a smile. For Yale, everything happened so fast. “We hadn’t even opened up yet and from running one advertisement, we were booked up for over a month. It was almost disbelief at first. I’ve been working extra days so that I don’t miss out on any customers.”

Yale had spent 10 years in the United States Air Force previously. With his military career coming to a close, he knew he would have to do something else to provide for his growing family. While he always had the desire of living the American dream of running his own business, he never felt comfortable with his options. That all changed one day while on deployment in the Middle East.

“I’ve always wanted to take the plunge into business ownership for my family so I picked up a magazine before I left and had packed it away. While in the Middle East, I picked it back up and combed through it. And it hit me like a ton of bricks right away how strong this opportunity was and what the potential could be. Being able to get in on the ground floor of an opportunity with so much potential was something my wife and I couldn’t pass up.”

When Josh returned, he contacted The BBQ Cleaner and began going through their candidacy process.

“Looking back it was extremely helpful. I was able to learn a lot about them and in turn they got to learn a lot about me and determine if they thought I was a good fit for this.” Yale remembers. “Doing my due diligence, I was so impressed with their business model. My wife and I were hoping we met their criteria as we were so excited about the potential this could bring our family. To be able to keep 100% of what we make and pay absolutely no ongoing fees was very appealing to us. We got to use their cleaning system, which has been used around the world successfully since 1994.

The training they provided was first class. And on top of that, they walked us through step-by-step how to do every single aspect of this business including how to market my business and do record keeping which was very beneficial for me as this was my first time ever starting a business I could call my own.”

Yale has found a solid mix of clients that includes new customers, referrals and steady repeat customers. Within a few weeks, Yale noticed his happy customers were singing his praises to others as his schedule kept filling up quickly.

One of Yale’s many customers, Michael Rippard has been thrilled with the service Yale provides. “We had My Grill Guy clean up our grill and they did such a great job we weren’t even sure if it was actually our grill when he was done with it. We’ll be having them back quarterly from here on out.” Rippard said.

Jeff Krentzman, Owner of The BBQ Cleaner, spoke about Josh’s quick progress.

“Josh has done a tremendous job. He is the perfect example of following our proven blueprint that we give all of our operators. There is a very strong correlation of success with Josh and our other authorized technicians who follow the model that we offer. We’re excited to see Josh’s continued growth in the many years to come” Krentzman added.

It took Yale less than year to need to expand to keep up with his rapidly growing base.

“The future for us is to continue to grow and grow. It’s all happened so fast With the amount of success we’ve seen in the first 2 years alone, I’m pretty confident I’m going to be doing this until I decide to retire many years from now.” Yale adds.

The BBQ Cleaner has qualified over 170 authorized owner-operators across the United States.