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illuminate gyms looks for real estate in the DTC


Mar 11, 2013

illuminate gyms looks for real estate in the DTC

DENVER—October 5, 2009—illuminate gym is proud to announce that today we are beginning the search with a franchisee for a second location in the greater Denver area.  The newest illuminate gym will be located somewhere in the Denver Tech Center.

We’re really excited to be looking at opening our second location in the Denver area and we’re quite certain we’ll open another by the end of the year,” David Sedbrook CEO and founder of illuminate gym said.  The newest franchisee is a former personal trainer at illuminate gym who recognized the opportunity that illuminate gym could offer both he and his family.  He has worked for illuminate gym since the day their doors officially opened in Denver.

“I think it’s a testament to what we’re doing here at illuminate gym that people who have been connected with our business for years are the franchisees pursuing our business model the hardest.  I think it shows that those who are familiar with our principles, values and business model understand the opportunity available at illuminate gym,” David Sedbrook said.  “I just love the way illuminate gym does business.  I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years and coming to illuminate gym was the best career move I ever made.  They helped me become a better personal trainer and now they’ll help me become a successful business owner,” the next illuminate gym owner said.

illuminate gym plans on continuing their growth in the Denver area challenging some other fitness franchises in the area as their commitment to changing the fitness experience in America continues to sweep across the Denver market.  illuminate gym is also reporting that they are working with a long time client who was so excited about his results from illuminate gym years ago that he was inspired to become a personal trainer and to one day own his own boutique gym.  “It will be quite an honor if this client opens an illuminate gym.  He made a commitment 3 years ago and he lost over 45 lbs. and now he is a fitness professional who wants to be an entrepreneur and we couldn’t be more proud of him at illuminate gym.  He has become a healthier more confident version of himself.  Three years ago if you would have told me this gentleman would become an illuminate gym owner I couldn’t have seen it.  Today after his accomplishments with his own health and fitness there is no doubt he can do anything,” David Sedbrook said.