'Eers Win, Eat Manny & Olga's


Mar 12, 2013

               'Eers Win, Eat Manny & Olga's

hat do winners eat? Well, if you ask the exuberant and victorious West
Virginia Sweet Sixteen bound "Eers", it's Manny and Olga's Pizza... and lots
of it. Immediately following the teams victory over Duke on Saturday, 3/22,
the team manager sprinted to Manny and Olga's to retrieve 20 pies from the
local franchise.

Savoring both the victory and the pizza one West Virginia "Eer" stated, "Oh
my God, so good. I'm gonna try to eat 10." He said this after grabbing his
sixth slice of the pizza.

Manny and Olga's pizza was also the teams' choice of celebration food after
their 1st round win in the NCAA playoffs. The team is headed to Phoenix to
play their next game. Perhaps they will have Manny and Olga's pizza shipped
in as there are currently no franchisees in Phoenix.

From the stellar endorsement of the West Virginia athletes, sounds like
Manny and Olga's could use a creative entrepreneur seeking a solid business

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