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Chem-Dry's Pan India Franchise Business Agreement


Nov 27, 2018

Floor and carpet cleaning franchise business leader Chem-Dry has just announced the signing of a Master Franchise Agreement with Arunabh Sinha, an entrepreneur, for Pan India.

The new franchisee is the founder of the first organized chain of dry-cleaning and laundromat centers in India, UClean, and he also started an on-demand cleaning services firm for commercial and residential customers, Mint Clean. Sinha will bring his extensive knowledge of franchises and the cleaning space to this global brand, which he noted was a natural fit alongside his other cleaning services.

According to Sinha, UClean currently has 60 locations across 21 cities where customers can drop off or do their laundry. The business already has a large customer base, and the new master franchisee said his own franchisees have already asked about adding upholstery and cleaning services to generate more revenue, something Sinha realized Chem-Dry could help him deliver through his research.

As the biggest floor, carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise in the world with close to 3,500 franchises providing services to over 11,000 businesses and homes daily, Chem-Dry is now seeking Master Franchisees who want to take advantage of this franchise opportunity and bring the brand to their own country. A Master Franchisee owns all the rights to his or country or region and also has the right to develop as many locations as they wish in the area covered by the master agreement.

Sinha is planning to expand the brand across India and is already growing. By the end of the year, he projects market coverage in just about every major city in India and a growing footprint in secondary markets. The cleaning brand's entry into India lines up well with Clean India Mission, a current government campaign to keep homes, cities and streets clean. Sinha believes the government initiative will help drive the brand's overall message because support could come in the form of loans for entrepreneurs who want a business related to cleaning and skilled employees who are government-trained.

Brand Vice President of Global Development Joe Manuszak says the company is excited about the opportunities to grow in India and is pleased to have found such an established partner there.

This franchiser is expanding both at home and overseas and currently has franchise opportunities available. The initial investment for one of this brand's franchise opportunities ranges from $56,495 to $162,457.