Tony Lamb is prepared to take franchising fun to the streets with his Kona-Ice concept. | Be The Boss

Tony Lamb is prepared to take franchising fun to the streets with his Kona-Ice concept.


Mar 11, 2013

“We intentionally spent our first year in a slow, deliberate development of 18 units in order to ensure that we are offering the best opportunity, price point, and support possible,” says Tony. “We will speed up the development this upcoming year, but will still retain our focus on franchisee success. Our franchisees are a part of the Kona-Ice family and we take care of them as such.” KONA Ice provides a complete turnkey franchise at a fraction of typical food industry costs and without the paralyzing build-out costs or long-term store front leases associated with most food concepts. The Kona-Ice concept is wonderful to see in today’s marketplace. The average ice cream truck is run down, outdated, and often operated by someone who people aren’t comfortable having their children around. Kona-Ice brings a beautiful vehicle, wonderful characters, and an enjoyable product to the community in a morally uplifting manner that is sure to delight everyone. With excellently branded characters, a broad range of merchandise, and even online games for the children, Kona-Ice is set to become a brand that everyone is aware of. Their concept is not only great for the consumers, but also for community organizations as it can provide a dynamic fundraising opportunity for schools, youth sports teams, and other community activities. “We provide the opportunity for our business to benefit the community as a whole, allowing our franchisees to not only be extremely profitable, but to feel good about the work that they are doing. Our mission is to bring the most efficient, financially rewarding Entertainment Vehicle to our franchisees, while maintaining a morally responsible and uplifting product to our customers.” Shaved ice has been a staple in New Orleans for decades on the retail level, with consistent lines at the “sno-ball” stands. Unlike crushed ice, which is what most people associate with this kind of treat, shaved ice is the consistency of snow and literally melts in your mouth, providing a completely different experience. As Tony brings the frozen treat concept to an on-site model and integrates it with events, schools, and fundraising functions, it would seem that he has the recipe for success!