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Rocket Vending and the Trifecta Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Mar 11, 2013

Rocket Vending and the Trifecta Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

July 1, 2008: Coconut Creek, Florida – A vending machine manufacturer in Coconut Creek, FL has developed a “trifecta” charitable giving approach to one of our nation’s largest issues… Breast Cancer Awareness. Rocket Vending is proud to announce the signing of a unique marketing agreement to manufacture and distribute the World’s FIRST Breast Cancer Awareness mint vending machine. This single serving vending machine is the FIRST vending machine to target Breast Cancer Awareness and also the first time a company has manufactured a vending machine for the Hint Mint product.

The idea for the machine came from Rocket Vending Vice President, Dori Mirkow, whose mother is a recent breast cancer survivor. Her family was on vacation in Tennessee when they visited a gift shop in the mountains of Wears Valley and the Hint Mint Breast Cancer Awareness tin was being sold there. Dori immediately thought of pursuing a venture to create a Breast Cancer Awareness vending machine as a way of honoring her mother and to help fund breast cancer research.

Rocket Vending Owner and President, Michael Fischer and Mirkow, both had the mindset from the beginning of operations at Rocket Vending to “give back”. Michael Fischer created a charity, Drops of Hope, helping pediatric cancer patients. Rocket Vending has already donated $3,500, since February 2008, to this worthy cause and continues to pledge more. To keep the “giving back” momentum going, Fischer and Mirkow created their unique Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

The idea went to the next level when they decided to make this a “trifecta” way of giving. With each purchased Breast Cancer Awareness machine, Rocket Vending donates $25 towards Breast Cancer Awareness research and funding. Hint Mint, the company that manufactures the mints, which are vended out of the machine, also contributes to breast cancer awareness research and funding. Michael and Dori take it one step further by requesting that each distributor owning a Breast Cancer Awareness machine donate $1.00 per month, per machine to Breast Cancer Awareness research and funding.

As part of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, Michael added to the awareness vending website, a feature which will allow individuals to upload pictures of their loved ones and write a brief story about their struggles and triumphs or honoring victims of breast cancer.

Imagine the possibility of 10,000 machines located throughout the United States! In just one year, this would mean that there would be over $370,000.00 in funds being generated to this worthy cause. With this kind of funding pouring into this Breast Cancer Awareness research and funding, hopefully this horrible disease can be eradicated sooner rather than later!