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Rainbow Academy Learns a Valuable Lesson From Its Parents: A is for App


Mar 11, 2013

Piscataway, January 24 – When one thinks of the use of innovation in industry, childcare is not likely a business segment that first comes to mind. The fact is that most preschools focus primarily on offering educational programs for children and leave out a very important element… the needs of the parent. Rainbow Academy Early Learning Centers based in New Jersey – strives to break the mold by utilizing state-of-the-art tools to keep parents connected to their child's classroom. Recently, the childcare franchise company announced the launch of Tadpoles®, a new e-communication app that brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase "open communication."

"Communication between our school and the families that we serve is a high priority," explains Matty Diehl, Center Director at Rainbow Academy of Flemington – one of the very first centers to roll out the Tadpoles® program. "We are always looking for more ways to strengthen this important partnership. Through our ParentView® Internet Monitoring System, parents enjoy watching their children in the classroom at various times throughout their day. Tadpoles® is another enhancement that enables us to have ongoing and direct communication with our families. The way we see it, the more parents know, the more comfortable they feel and the easier it is to build a trusting relationship."

Acting as a bridge between the childcare center and parent, Tadpoles® utilizes mobile technology and provides real-time access. During the school day, teachers use the app to log a child's educational achievements, as well as send reminders and provide important information such as a child's daily activities, meals, naps and potty times. Special moments are also shared with parents by sending heartwarming photos and fun-filled video footage.

"In light of the recent tragedy in New Town, Connecticut, we understand that this is a very stressful time for many parents," asserts Guy Falzarano, President and CEO of Rainbow Academy Franchise Company. "They need the peace of mind to know that while they are at work, their child is safe, happy and receiving a solid foundation for their education. Tadpoles® is just another way to make that happen."

Rainbow Academy has built a solid reputation among New Jersey parents in large part because of their "Circle of Care" philosophy – a core belief that the happiness of its' franchisees and teachers, the needs and wishes of its' working parents, and the care and education of its' children are interconnected and equally important components. To that end, the childcare franchise company has developed several family-focused programs such as extended hours and extracurricular activities incorporated into the school day – minimizing the need to run children to karate and dance after a busy day at work. Add to that a genuine sense of care and support and New Jersey parents find a winning combination at Rainbow Academy.

Just as addressing the needs of the parents is a founding concept for this franchise of child care centers, the use of technology in their centers is also nothing new. ParentView® internet monitoring, biometric finger scanning and interactive whiteboard technology, have been in place in the Rainbow Academy centers for some time.

"With increasingly busy schedules, parents are seeking ways to stay better connected to their children and share in their day," adds Falzarano. "Through the use of ParentView®, parents are granted the unique opportunity to watch things like Halloween parades and Valentine's Day parties from their computer screens and with permission, even grandparents can log in from other states or countries to share in their grandchild's learning experience. We're very proud of the fact that Rainbow Academy was one of the first early learning programs to add interactive whiteboard technology to our prek and Kindergarten curriculum. Parents have higher expectations for what they want their child to receive from their investment in a private education."

Just as ParentView® and whiteboards in the classroom have been met with rave reviews from parents, early feedback to the new Tadpoles® app is extremely positive. "We've discovered that at home for many of our families, 'A' is for App," explains Falzarano. "Today's tech-savvy parents are using educational websites and programs available on laptops, tablets and smartphones to teach their children everything from the ABC's to geography. Tadpoles® is also used as part of our Seedlings Early Education Program to track developmental milestones as well as to communicate with parents. By sharing with parents that their child is learning about the letter 'A' in the Rainbow Academy classroom, families can use their smartphone or tablet to trace the letter, play word games together, or even watch a video of an 'Antelope' at a watering hole in 'Africa'. Not only does this reinforcement bring the learning experience to life, it keeps children engaged and having fun - it also connects parents to their child's classroom in a powerful and meaningful way."

About Rainbow Academy®: Established in 1997 by Guy and Julia Falzarano, Rainbow Academy Early Learning Centers has grown steadily, right along with the children it nurtures, from one center to thirteen locations. With locations throughout New Jersey – including Cranford, Fair Lawn, Flemington, Iselin, Mahwah, Manasquan, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Rutherford, Westwood, Whippany and Woodbridge. Rainbow Academy has never outgrown its' unique approach to childcare and early education offered to over 1800 children and their families. The company is dedicated to providing the very best in early education to both the children and the parents it serves through a careful balance of care and education offered by well-trained educators and caregivers. Rainbow Academy is redefining early childhood education and putting the "care" back in childcare with its' signature "Circle of Care" philosophy encompassing children, parents, educators, vendors and franchisees. With ParentView® internet monitoring, interactive whiteboards and the recent launch of Tadpoles® parent e-communication tool to all of their centers, Rainbow Academy has integrated cutting edge technology into this higher level of service. The Falzarano family remains deeply involved in the company – from< Guy Falzarano at the helm as CEO to their youngest grandchild enrolled at one of the facilities. Rainbow Academy franchised their business in 2011 in an effort to expand their distinctive early education concept throughout the Northeast and has fifteen more centers in development; ten which are planned to begin construction in 2013. Rainbow Academy provides early education and childcare to children ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten, as well as special programming for children up to 10 years old during school holidays and breaks – including Rainbow Academy Summer Camp.