Mar 11, 2013

Philadelphia (November 3, 2008) /PRNewswire/ Stuart Barnes used to be Manager of Strategic Planning and New Market Development for Transamerica Distribution Finance in Schaumburg, IL, a division of San Francisco based Transamerica Corporation. However, if you are looking for him now, you might find him checking in a shipment of karate gloves at the PRO MARTIAL ARTS studio that he purchased in Newtown Square, PA.

“No, it is not because Stuart has hit hard times. He is right where he wants to be. After all, he is his own boss and a franchisee in the world's finest chain of franchised karate studios. Moreover, despite the worsening economy, he also is increasing his karate studio membership and equipment sales,” said Ed Samane, President of PRO MARTIAL ARTS Franchise Corporation. "I'm a fairly long-term investor. The economy goes up and it goes down, and you anticipate that as a businessperson,” said Barnes.

Indeed, the economy has not been a deterrent to franchising. It appears to be helping to fuel it. Spurred by the faltering economy, corporate downsizings are producing a pool of seasoned managers and executives considering self-employment. The once well-compensated baby boomers also are facing tough competition from younger, less experienced job candidates willing to work for lower pay.

"My experience is that there are always businesses that will do well in a recession," said Carl Kosnar, Managing Partner of The Kosnar Group, franchise development consultants. “I have been in the franchise development business for 30 years and have witnessed this trend at least a half dozen times. The ranks of out-of-work people are filled with executives that never want to work for anyone again,” he added.

“The franchising business also is getting a boost from good property leasing deals. A year and a half ago, it would have been impossible for some of our franchisees to lease certain desirable properties. Not only can they lease these properties now but also, the terms are far better, Samane said. “These advantageous leases are reflected in our 2008 “same-store” sales that are up over 2007, which was a banner year for PRO MARTIAL ARTS,” he added.

One of the areas seeing an increase in franchise sales is the health and fitness services segment, according to International Franchise Association.

About PRO MARTIAL ARTS Franchise Corporation

PRO MARTIAL ARTS Franchise Corporation is a membership karate studio business consisting of unique karate training regimens which utilize a system and products that are proprietary to the Grandmaster Samane System. PRO MARTIAL ARTS offers a turn-key franchise with the franchisee and staff receiving full training and ongoing support. The Company sources and trains salespeople in addition to recruiting karate instructors for its franchisees. The vast majority of our students are children and adults who are interested in child development and life skills programs.

Potential PRO MARTIAL ARTS franchisees are required to pay a $25,000 franchise fee which is included in the $84,835 to $99,875 range of capital needed to get started. Location options range from retail strip shopping centers to freestanding commercial buildings. Absolutely no previous karate training or business experience is necessary to qualify for a PRO MARTIAL ARTS franchise.