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Ophthalmology Surgery Center Meets Government Cleaning Requirements


Mar 11, 2013

Aiken Ophthalmology in Aiken, SC, multi-physician busy practice, makes fighting bacteria a top priority, demanding clinically clean environment. Likewise in Georgia , West Lake Country Club provides premier service, insisting on germ-free fitness and locker room facilities. Both choose the unique Jan-Pro EnviroShield Disinfection System to dramatically reduce harmful contamination.

Alpharetta, GA January 31, 2011 - Jan-Pro International, Inc. (Jan-Pro), a global leader in commercial cleaning, announced today that their unique EnviroShield Spray Disinfection System, used to kill harmful bacteria including invasive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infections, has been selected for fighting germs by one of the country's premier ophthalmology surgery centers, as well as a top world-class country club facility.

Aiken Ophthalmology's Carolina Surgery Center, in South Carolina, prides itself on having board certified physicians who are up to date on the latest procedures. The Center has a reputation as one of the finest in the nation, as management is committed to a clinically clean environment, kept up to governmental regulations. The Jan-Pro EnviroShield Disinfection System is used regularly to fight harmful contaminants.

“We chose to use Jan-Pro's EnviroShield system at the eye center for its preventative attributes,” said Denise Krok, Administrator. “As both a clinic and a surgical facility, our patients need that extra protection from harmful bacteria and germs.” Extra protection from harmful bacteria occurs due to the application uniqueness of the EnviroShield system. Disinfectant is applied by electrostatic spray which charges each droplet with a negative charge, and when sprayed has far greater force than gravity, reaching and touching surfaces which traditionally do not get disinfected. The result is 100% disinfection coverage. Harmful bacteria and contaminants are killed in a matter of seconds with this unique Jan-Pro system.

Chris Lieberman, Director of Sales & Marketing for Jan-Pro of Southeast Georgia put it succinctly. “The most important feature and selling point of Jan-Pro's EnviroShield system is its technology. The 100% surface coverage and ability to kill all harmful bacteria while remaining safe to the touch differentiates Jan-Pro EnviroShield from other cleaning companies. We not only clean for appearance sake, but for the health and safety of our clients, their families and their customers.”

In Augusta, Georgia, the exclusive West Lake Country Club is known by its members as a “pristine” club, offering only the finest in service and facilities. As with all country clubs, West Lake has many high traffic areas requiring disinfection, with fitness and locker room facilities at the top of the list.

After researching options, Bert Morales, Director of Operations, chose Jan-Pro's EnviroShield to maintain a safe, germ-free environment for club members and employees. “EnviroShield spray protects every area of our facility, from locker rooms and dining areas to office areas and hard-to-reach surfaces like keyboards,” said Morales. “We feel that the use of EnviroShield creates a more sterile, cleaner environment.”

Growing evidence points to community-acquired infection from harmful bacteria, even MRSA, as a potential threat in opthalmic settings, such as the Aiken eye center, as well as in high-traffic settings such as those at West Lake Country Club. Jan-Pro's EnviroShield Disinfection System was developed as a solution for today. To learn more about the EnviroShield system, visit www.jan-pro.com

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