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Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems Launches over 30 Locations in Year of Economic Down Turn


Mar 11, 2013

Rexburg, ID -- Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems, a company providing organizational solutions to garages, sheds, and basements, continues to experience growth during the economic down turn. It has launched over 30 new locations across the United States and Canada in one year.

Monkey Bars Storage attributes its continued success and growth to customer service, cost savings, and delivering a superior product. Monkey Bars Storage can be installed at one-third the cost of its competitors. Based on an average garage installation, its competitors charge customers $6,000-$8,000 compared to the $1,500 -$2,000 Monkey Bars rate. Furthermore, Monkey Bars is not a franchise and dealers who sell Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems products are not charged franchise or any other ongoing fees, which enables them to offer the lowest prices possible to customers.

Monkey Bars Storage offers a lifetime warranty on all if its products. Compared with other companies who sell wood products, the Monkey Bars products are made with steel, which offers strength, versatility, and affordability.

Not only does Monkey Bars Storage sell reliable and affordable products, but it also offers an installation and organization service. Monkey Bars promotes an organization system that separates long term storage from things the customer uses more often. Items stored for long periods of time are in containers, such as boxes or plastic totes. These bulky, long term containers are what take up the most storage space. Short term items are placed on the Monkey Bars rack for easy access.

A typical garage install takes about four hours, and although cost will vary, the average customer spends $1,500. For more information or to become a dealer, visit Customers can also "Like" Monkey Bars on Facebook for special offers and promotions. They can also be found on Twitter @MonkeyBars_Corp.

About Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems:
Since 2002, Idaho-based Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems is home to the finest garage organization products. provides organizational solutions to garages, sheds, basements, mudrooms and other areas of the home. Monkey Bars Storage is established in various markets throughout the United States and parts of Canada, bringing a new solution to an old problem.

Shaun Anderson
Monkey Bars Storage System