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Minuteman Press Owner has What It Takes


Mar 11, 2013

Brampton, Ontario Minuteman Press Owner has “What It Takes”

Farmingdale, NY (04/16/2010) – Bill Chapman, owner of both the Brampton and Milton Ontario Minuteman Press centers, is featured in Franchise Entrepreneur Magazine’s May/June 2010 issue. The article titled “You’ve Got What it takes” is featured in the breaking through section of the Magazine.

The article talks about how, like most of our owner’s Bill, having no prior experience in the printing and graphics industry, used his knowledge from past experiences, and the proven programs of Minuteman to become an exceptional franchise owner. Before becoming a Minuteman franchise owner Bill spent about 15 years in the corporate training business. His jobs ranged from information technology (IT) training, where he taught classes to corporate clients, to filling Executive – Level roles for various companies. After a while Bill began to miss the day-to-day interactions he used to have with customers, and the appeal of working in a small business setting. He also found himself in an industry that was shrinking and decided it was time to move on. Having started the process of looking for a small business to own, he looked for a franchise that struck a good medium between franchisee self-sufficiency, corporate support, and flexible work hours. After seeing what options were out there, he started meetings with Minuteman Press and in 2004 became the owner of the Brampton, Ontario center and recently purchased the center in Milton.

All of his previous jobs and training, along with Minuteman’s breakthrough concept and capabilities, have helped him with his current role as the owner of two successful Minuteman Press centers. He learned early on how to establish relationship with the customers and to figure out what there needs and expectation are, which is why he was named Small Business of the Year in 2009 for his Brampton location by the Brampton Board of Trades.

“Bill truly appreciates the opportunity to be active and involved in his business,” said Kelley Robertson, owner of the Robertson Training Group, and part of the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Magazine. “He constantly is checking with his employee’s and customers to evaluate the results of his decisions first-hand. This type of quick analysis can definitely help a franchise grow, develop, and prosper, as evidenced by Bill’s success so far.”




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