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MMP’s Regional Vice Presidents Selfless “Vacation”


Mar 11, 2013

MMP’s Regional Vice Presidents Selfless “Vacation”

Farmingdale, NY (04/22/2009) – Doug Harlan, an RVP in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region for Minuteman Press recently took a week long “vacation” to the Dominican Republic.

This wasn’t your typical relax by the pool; sipping on rum punches vacation though. With his luggage packed with plumbers tape, plumbers putty, hammers, wrenches, and all sorts of plumbing related paraphernalia; Doug spent the week installing a series of new toilets and a new kitchen area with running water for the residents of a mission in La Guerra, Dominican Republic. La Guerra is an area surrounded by productive sugarcane fields which are worked by underpaid Haitian refugees. Doug decided on this vacation after hearing about the work that is undertaken by the mission in La Guerra to help educate the Haitian children.

“The kitchen and the bathroom are what I worked on,” said Doug Harlan. “I plumbed both of them and built the kitchen counter. No more outdoor open-air lavatories for these children, the kids are what made it all worth the trip.” This was an extremely rewarding experience for Doug, knowing that he was able to help the people of La Guerra, even if he was only lending a hand in providing them with a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Doug who is the RVP of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region has been with MMP for the past 13 years. He has built up the region and the owners and staffs in his area know him as a person who always goes above and beyond what he is called onto do. His actions on his vacation are truly what make him not only an invaluable member of the Minuteman Press staff but an extraordinary person in all aspects of life.