Mar 11, 2013

DENVER, CO – June 12, 2008 – Maui Wowi Hawaiian, the premier destination for authentic Hawaiian products on the mainland, today announced it has signed its second master franchise agreement in the EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa) region with Takween Commercial Investments. The agreement, covering all of Saudi Arabia, will allow Takween to open fixed Maui Wowi Hawaiian locations, kiosks and carts as well as sell sub-franchises throughout the Middle Eastern region.

Takween Commercial Investments approached Maui Wowi Hawaiian after extensive research on the internet. Takween’s Maui Wowi Hawaiian operations will be led by Mohammed Alhumaidhi, who also serves as Vice Chief Executive Officer of Alamat Al Ard Trading, a medical and food industry enterprise.

“Specialty drinks, and especially healthy beverages like fruit smoothies, are of growing interest to Saudis. We believe that the universal appeal of Hawaiian culture, combined with the demand for smoothies and world-class gourmet coffee in our country, will make Maui Wowi Hawaiian successful here,” said Mr. Alhumaidhi.

Now numbering over 400 franchised operating units across the U.S., Maui Wowi Hawaiian is the original fruit smoothie drink franchise. Founded by Australian couple Jeff and Jill Summerhays, Maui Wowi has grown from a single smoothie booth at arts and cultural festivals to become a world leader in the franchised coffee/smoothie field.

Maui Wowi coffees are truly “a vacation in a cup”. The company’s creations consist of gourmet blends from the Kona district of Hawaii as well as blends from the sister islands of Molokai, Kauai, and Maui. Some of the highest-quality coffees in the world are found at Maui Wowi, supplied by family-owned farms plus some of the best known of the Hawaiian brands such as Lion and Royal Kona.

In recent years Maui Wowi Hawaiian has also expanded to include genuine Hawaiian lifestyle merchandise. The chain has been named to “Entrepreneur” magazine’s Franchise 500 for the past five consecutive years, and has twice ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies on INC magazine’s INC 500 listing.

“It is truly exciting to see the interest in our uniquely Hawaiian concept among informed and experienced entrepreneurs the world over,” said Lisa Bolton, Director of International Operations for Maui Wowi Hawaiian. “As with many fast-developing industrialized nations, Saudi Arabia is ready to try new tastes in food and beverages. We look forward to working with Mr. Alhumaidhi and Takween Commercial Investments to gain a profitable foothold in this increasingly affluent nation.”

With a population of over 28 million, Saudi Arabia is the Arabian Peninsula’s largest nation. Its current per capita income of $20,700 is more than three times the figure from just ten years ago. The country’s economy is predominantly industrial, although a diversified service sector is developing. The United States is Saudi Arabia’s largest single import partner.

Mr. Alhumaidhi, who holds a master’s degree in communications from Marshall University in West Virginia, intends to quickly install a management and operations team to start Maui Wowi operations in Saudi Arabia.

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian Maui Wowi Hawaiian is the only franchise that offers authentic, natural Hawaiian products, fresh-fruit smoothies, blended Hawaiian coffee beverages, and genuine Hawaiian lifestyle stuff. Founded in 1983, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has experienced meteoric growth to include nearly 500 franchised units in its worldwide franchise ohana, or family. This earth-friendly company celebrates its Aloha Spirit by embracing the values of family, harmony and balanced living while striving to abide by the principles of sustainable living. For more information, please visit