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Local Businesses and Residents Support Breast Cancer 3-Day


Mar 11, 2013


Local Businesses and Residents Support Breast Cancer 3-Day

Keller, Texas - November 5, 2009
Author: Andrew King

Each year nearly 100 out of every 100,000 women in the United States are hit with breast cancer.  This does not include the millions who are already struggling against this debilitating and heart-breaking disease.  In a city as populated as Dallas, that can translate to almost 2,500 new cases every year just in one city.  But both women and men are trying to change this number and save lives.

The “Breast Cancer 3 Day” is an annual event that hopes to raise awareness and much needed funding for organizations trying to treat and cure this horrible disease.  In addition and perhaps more importantly, the 3 Day is a chance for survivors, spouses, sisters, and loved ones to remember those we’ve lost and experience an emotional journey of their own.

Each walker has her or his own reason for participating.  One walker, Cynthia King-Etheridge, put it like this, “I am walking because I CAN.  My Great-Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987, had a double mastectomy and she is now in her 90’s.  My 4th grade daughter has two friends whose mothers have been diagnosed as well.  My children donated their birthday checks last year, and that $15 helped in the fight.”  If by doing something as simple as walking can help defeat breast cancer, what reason do we have not to do it?

Local Businesses are helping as well.  American Business Systems, located in Keller, TX, decided to help both with awareness—they added the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon to their website—and by making a donation to the Breast Cancer 3 Day, which benefits the Susan G Komen foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust, both of which are diligently searching for innovative treatements.  In total, American Business Systems (ABS) donated 2% of their gross receipts for October to the cause and individuals within the company have made private donations as well. 

“Breast cancer affects all of us whether we know someone personally or not.  My mother-in-law was a beautiful, wonderful woman who recently lost her fight with the disease.  Until we find a cure, my wife and daughter are still at risk, so are the women in all of our lives,” said Adam Phillips, Director of Licensing for ABS before his company made the donation.

This year’s 3-day run/walk starts Friday November 6th and stretches from Plano Center through Richardson, Addison, Farmers Branch and Dallas, with an emotional closing ceremony in historic Fair Park.  Donations can be made by visiting the official website of the Breast Cancer 3-Day.