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Lawn Doctor featured in The Sanford Herald


Mar 11, 2013

by Billy Ball

Sanford is the hub of new franchise opportunities for at least one business.

Execs with Lawn Doctor, a popular national lawn care chain, say the region has a number of franchise slots available, part of an “aggressive” campaign to break into the local market.

Started in the 1960s as a much-needed cheat for New York City escapees with new lawns to care for in New Jersey, Lawn Doctor has grown by leaps and bounds since then, operating more than 450 franchise locations across the country today.

Scott Frith, vice president for Lawn Doctor, tells The Herald that the closest existing Lawn Doctor is in Burlington, and that company heads have been modeling areas to set up new shops in the future. Sanford has a big target on it.

Frith said the region has about 10 possible franchise slots.