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Lawn Doctor featured in The Hartford Business Journal


Mar 11, 2013

Lawn Doctor was recently featured in The Hartford Business Journal, in an article titled “Bloc of franchises eagerly target Hartford.” The article highlights Lawn Doctor’s desire to expand, and features the brand’s role in participating in franchising roundtables to spur franchise growth throughout the country. The roundtables also help Lawn Doctor provide educational opportunities to potential franchisees to learn about various businesses and see what is involved in starting a business. Click here to view the full article!

Bloc of franchises eagerly target Hartford
By Brad Kane

Twelve franchises which share the burden of not being familiar names have banded together to push into the Greater Hartford market.

Either the franchises already have a presence in Connecticut, have excellent sales from limited locations and want to expand; or the franchises exist in far off places and are lured by the promise of higher incomes and positioning between Boston and New York.