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LA BOXING and THE KOSNAR GROUP Host IFA Franchise Business Network Meeting


Mar 11, 2013

SANTA ANA, CA--(LAB NEWS WIRE) - July 14, 2009—LA BOXING Franchise Corporation and THE KOSNAR GROUP, franchise development consultants for LA BOXING, co-hosted the International Franchise Association Quarterly Franchise Business Network meeting today in Santa Ana, California.

In early 1991, Fred DeLuca, founder of Subway Sandwiches and Salads, developed the International Franchise Association (IFA) 2nd Tuesday program. The purpose of the program was to create an informal atmosphere whereby franchisors and suppliers could discuss current topics related to franchising. IFA coordinated this effort by soliciting IFA and Supplier Forum members to host the meetings in major cities across the United States.

IFA''s Franchise Business Network (FBN) commenced October 1996. The FBN meetings were grassroots networking opportunities for the franchise community. They were designed to bring local franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers together on a regular basis to create business-to-business opportunities and offer affordable educational programs.

Today, IFA’s FBN is the combination of IFA’s two regional programs, the 2nd Tuesday Program and the original FBN Program. The IFA Board of Directors voted at its Fall 2000 meeting to combine the 2nd Tuesday Program and Franchise Business Network Program into one single program meeting in 20 plus cities around the country.

“The new program selects the best features of both programs and combines them into one winning formula for success,” said Carl Kosnar, Managing Partner of The Kosnar Group, franchise development consultants for LA BOXING Franchise Corporation.”

For the most part, meetings are still scheduled for the second Tuesday of each quarter across the U.S. While networking with others in the franchise community, meeting potential customers, and making new business contacts, participants take advantage of educational programs and legislative information made available to them at no charge, except for the cost of meals.

About LA BOXING Franchise Corporation

LA BOXING Franchise Corporation, a membership physical fitness company consisting of unique professional boxing and kickboxing training regimens which utilize a system and products that are proprietary to LA Boxing, offers a turn-key franchise with the franchisee and staff receiving full training and ongoing support. The Company sources and trains membership salespeople in addition to recruiting professional fighters as instructors for its franchisees. LA BOXING has trained world champions and numerous other professional fighters. However, the vast majority of our members are women and men who are just interested in a cardio workout and enjoying the benefits of our fitness training program.

Potential LA BOXING franchisees are required to pay a $25,000 franchise fee which is included in the $180,400 to $191,250 range of capital needed to get started. Location options range from retail strip shopping centers to freestanding commercial buildings. Absolutely no previous boxing, kickboxing, training, or health and fitness experience is necessary to qualify for an LA BOXING franchise.

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