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Fresh Healthy Vending Announces Record Franchises Sold, Location Contracts Procured and Franchisee Expansions in July/August


Mar 11, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 9, 2011 -- Fresh Healthy Vending has reported record growth for the months of July and August adding 15 franchisees who purchased 170 healthy vending machines plus existing Fresh Franchisees adding an additional 22 machines. The Fresh Healthy Vending location development team also added an additional 224 location contracts for its franchisees in the months of July/August which also set another record for the company.

New Franchisees were added in the following cities during this time period:

Baton Rouge, LA- Winchester, VA-Rochester, NY-Boulder, CO-Houston, TX-Mount Sinai, NY-Raleigh, NC-Round Rock, TX-Windham, ME-Ellicott City, MD-Las Vegas, NV-East Saint Paul, Manitoba,-Rogers, AR-Rancho Palos Verde, CA-Charleston, SC.

Jolly Backer, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending, says that "Fresh Healthy Vending machines are becoming an 'in demand' program across the country, as locations are inundating us with requests for machines due to the rising popularity of healthy snacks and drinks. We see Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Fresh & Easy stores popping up all over the country on a weekly basis, and our healthy vending machines offer essentially a smaller selection of what these retail stores offer, including fresh juices/fruits/veggies, yogurts, organics chips and bars, and many other healthy drinks and snacks."

Fresh Healthy Vending has also launched its own healthy vending operation within the San Diego area and is projecting to be in over 35 locations by the end of September. Fresh Healthy Vending has added a full time vending operations manager and developed a template on how to run a successful healthy vending business from the ground up. From accounting to inventory management; from technical procedures to standard operating processes, this template illustrates how to best start and run a healthy vending business to maximize operator "return on investment."

"Fresh Healthy Vending has solid momentum on many fronts," says Backer. "Our business model is turnkey, easy to operate and happens to be in one of today's most exciting categories, being health and wellness. The most appealing aspect of our business is that we have so many successful franchisees in the market already, which makes the decision from new franchisees an easy one. There is little guesswork in our approach."

Consumers are now seeking out healthy and organic snacks and drinks because it fits into their new healthy lifestyles that many in the U.S are adapting. "Our Fresh Healthy Vending franchise appeals to socially responsible entrepreneurs, because they want to own a business that makes a positive impact on their community, and at the same time, own a business that they are proud to tell their families and friends about," added Backer. Fresh Healthy Vending now has 85 franchisees operating in over 40 U.S. and 5 provinces in Canada.

About Fresh Healthy Vending
CBS Early Show identified Fresh Healthy Vending as the "future of vending" in a recent segment called "healthiest vending machine foods." Fresh Healthy Vending is North America's leading healthy vending franchisor and the only vending company capable of offering 100% juices, fresh vegetables, fruits, smoothies, and yogurts in every one of its healthy vending machines. Its model includes state-of-the-art equipment, location procurement services, product distribution and development and comprehensive marketing support. The Fresh Healthy Vending machines are franchised and are being placed in schools, offices and other locations throughout the country. To learn more about Fresh Healthy Vending, visit the website at

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