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Fresh Coat Painters Franchise Launches in Annapolis, MD


Mar 11, 2013

Cincinnati, OH - Fresh Coat Painters of Annapolis has opened to provide services for Annapolis, Arnold, Crownsville and other Maryland communities near the Chesapeake Bay. For franchise owner Matthew McKay, the painting franchise was a complement to his Oreck vacuum cleaner franchise.

"A few years ago, I owned 15 Oreck franchises," McKay said, "and they took so much of my time that I missed out on seeing my wife and children."

After selling 13 of those franchises, he began looking at other businesses for one that would "fit" without requiring a huge time commitment or extensive travel.

"I attended the IFA (International Franchise Association) trade shows for three years and searched out opportunities," he said. "Nothing seemed to click until I met the Fresh Coat representative. Fresh Coat sounded like an exceptional company where Gretchen and I could build a business together. And I liked that the logo says it all – Painting Done Right – because everyone has their own horror story."

Bernie Brozek, president of Fresh Coat, said the company’s professionalism does set it apart from many of its competitors.

"Painting is a high-demand industry, but there are way too many fly-by-night operators," he said. "Matthew, Gretchen and most of our other franchise owners have their own stories to share. They know how important it is to focus on client service because that’s what leads to repeat business and referrals. Our business model allows our owners to promote their businesses while the staff does the projects. That way clients get the best skills of all involved."

For McKay, the Fresh Coat formula mirrored much of what he had learned as an Oreck franchise owner.

"It’s about service, education and competitive pricing," he said. "No one likes to vacuum, but everyone likes having a clean house. No one really wants to deal with hassles of painting – taking everything off the walls or whatever – but everyone wants to have a nice looking house. The way I see it is that it’s my job to simplify the tasks and provide excellent results."

He also noted that he and his wife saw the importance of hiring qualified, professional painters who are "not drunk, not late and not smelling of smoke."

When he began interviewing job applicants, McKay said he was fortunate to find painters with 10 to 12 years of experience who were eager to join the Fresh Coat team.

Brozek noted that many skilled painters like the company’s business model because they do not have to be responsible for generating sales.

"We also use only employees, never subcontractors," Brozek said, "so our painters know they’ll have the stability of an organized, professional operation where they’ll have work year-round. And, we help promote that stability through quality marketing, training and resource materials for our franchise owners."

Among those materials are several client assistance programs including a 24/7 call center, the proprietary EPIC estimating system, Paint Now-Pay Later 12-months-same-as-cash financing, Automatic Touch-Up for businesses, and fund-raising opportunities for charities.

"The EPIC system provides clients with what a quote should be," McKay said. "It details what work will be done, how much it will cost, how much time it will take. We use our own employees, so we can back it up, and ensure that they are on time, every time."

The EPIC system combined with the 24/7 call center and the internet marketing expertise were the factors that sold him on the Fresh Coat program, making it a "solid business proposition," McKay said.

At the same time, Fresh Coat fit well into the life he and his family enjoy. Gretchen, an "exceptional mother" to their two children, ages 8 and 4, also operates a second business as a personal trainer, McKay said. Both are active in their church, and he also serves on the board of his daughter’s school.

"Fresh Coat is the right fit for me," McKay said. "And, people know me and my reputation for quality and service. We’re off to a great start. I’m averaging two quotes a day already."

To learn more about Fresh Coat Painters of Annapolis or to schedule an on-site quote for residential or commercial projects in Annapolis, Arnold, Crownsville and surrounding Maryland communities , call 443-282-1202 or visit

Founded in 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Fresh Coat Painters provides services for residential, commercial and governmental customers in more than 100 major cities across the United States and Canada. Fresh Coat is part of the International Franchise Association, the Small Business Association’s Franchise Registry, VetFran and Minority Fran. For more information, call 866-708-9355 or visit