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Franchisee Profile: Jim Ward, Lawn Doctor Franchisee of Cherry Hill, NJ


Mar 11, 2013

Q: Before Franchising, what were you involved with?
A: During graduate school I joined the Marines as an officer and served from 1970-1998, including my reserve duty. I joined the Lawn Doctor system in 1980

Q: How did you learn about the brand?
A: I was looking for a business opportunity when my wife saw an AD in the Wall Street Journal that read “Want to be a Lawn Doctor?” It spurred my interest none-the-less, although I didn’t really understand how one could be successful when they didn’t even wear a suit and tie. However, after learning about the business more, I realized that what it took to be a Lawn Doctor where all things that I either learned in the military or were of interest to me personally; such as sales and marketing, leadership and growing things.

Q: Why was this brand the right fit for you? A: It was an ethical company that had a proven track record of success. I initially had a different definition of success, but after learning about Lawn Doctor I realized that success isn’t about what you where to work every day, it’s about your quality of life and job satisfaction, something that Lawn Doctor has given me.

I used to think success was defined by a coat. tie and a corner office, but when looking into business opportunities after 10 years of both active duty and reserve service to the Marine Corps, I realized that success is also measured by quality of life and complete job satisfaction. As a result, I became a Lawn Doctor franchisee in 1980, allowing me an outlet to use my leadership and business skills obtained in the military, learn new skills, and have a great quality of life as a successful small business owner.

Q: In what ways has your military service made you a good Lawn Doctor franchisee?
A: In the military, there's plenty of room for initiative, but there's also a larger system that you're part of, and being a Lawn Doctor franchisee is really no different. There are set patterns to follow that are there because they've worked before. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. As a franchisee, you can reinvent the wheel, but you don't have to.