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Franchisee Bio: Jack Wooden, Lawn Doctor Franchisee of Columbus, IN


Mar 11, 2013

Q: What were your careers before franchising?
I have always been a business owner. Up until 1987, I owned a home remodeling business in Baltimore, where I grew up. After that I sold the remodeling business, and I owned a retail hearing aid business in western Maryland. I currently own an online advertising sales company. The business has done very well, but recently I have been looking for something that I could do in addition to advertising sales, and Lawn Doctor was the right opportunity.

Q: How did you learn about the brand?
I first heard about Lawn Doctor in 2006, but I wasn’t ready to look into owning a franchise. This past year I decided that the timing was right for me to explore other options. I had in business ownership and revisited the Lawn Doctor brand. After researching several different franchises, I realized that Lawn Doctor afforded me the flexibility to continue with my current ad sales business while running a Lawn Doctor franchise. This is possible because of the proven systems Lawn Doctor has in place.

Q: What is appealing to you about joining a franchise system? The most important thing to me about becoming part of a franchise system is the help that I am going to receive in every aspect of running a lawn care business. In the other businesses that I have owned, I made many mistakes on my own and there was no one there to guide me on how they could be prevented. With Lawn Doctor, they are going to guide me through every aspect of the business, agronomy, technology, sales and marketing until I am ready to do it on my own. I wouldn’t be able to go into the lawn care industry without their help.

Q: With respect to your previous experience, what skills do you feel will help you with your business?
My experience with owning different types of businesses will give me an advantage. I’ve been involved with many different startups, so I’m familiar with the work that it takes to get a company off the ground. I also have experience in marketing, and I really think that Lawn Doctors approach to marketing is great. Also, managing customers can be difficult, but Lawn Doctor and I share a similar approach to customer service in that it’s one of the most important parts of the business.

Q: How is your business different?
In this area, people take great care of their lawns. Some even view it as a competition to see who can have the healthiest and greenest lawns. I want Lawn Doctor to help people in the community achieve not only the desired look of their lawn but also to keep it healthy and happy.