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Filta Group Helps The NFL & Denver Broncos Go Green For The Super Bowl


Mar 11, 2013

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) February 3, 2010 -- Filta Group of Orlando, Fl announces its partnership to offer green services to Mile High Stadium through franchisee and Denver Bronco's player Kenny Peterson. Filta Group offers a cooking oil filtration process called FiltaFry. The system not only helps the Denver Broncos reduce their waste cooking oil footprint, it will help thousands of restaurants and kitchens across the country save hundreds of thousands of gallons of cooking oil come February 7th and Super Bowl 45. During the Super Bowl, an estimated 1 billion chicken wings will be fried, on what is unquestionably the single largest consumption of fried food each year.

So many chicken wings are consumed during the playoffs leading up to the big game and the Super Bowl itself, that the cooking oil used to fry them could have a potentially enormous negative impact on the ecosystem if disposed of improperly. Anything that can be done to reduce that footprint, besides eating less chicken wings, is a good thing says Broncos Player and Filta franchisee Kenny Peterson. "We at Filta are very proud of the recycling we do. Each and every pound of cooking oil we filter is one less that has to be produced. The environment is important to us all."

Reduced waste is not the only FiltaFry will bring to Mile High Stadium. Fresh cooking oil and proper frying techniques can also have a noticeable effect on the taste of the fried foods, something FiltaFry is proud of. When it comes time for hungry fans to bite into their favorite fried foods across the country on game day, the thousands of restaurants and facilities which utilize FiltaFry micro-oil filtration system will have a notable advantage when hungry football fans demand only the best tasting food.

The Denver Broncos are not the only NFL team to go green and offer better tasting food with FiltaFry. The Washington Redskins and The Cleveland Browns also employ the service to make sure fans keep coming back to the concession stand. The roster of high profile teams doesn't stop in the pro's either. The University of Virginia, University of Alabama, and the University of Arkansas can all be found enjoying the benefit of 50% less oil consumption when compared to similar venues due to the FiltaFry service. When will the rest of the NFL follow suit? With the push for green initiatives happening across the nation, Kenny Peterson and the 130 or so other Filta franchisees in the vicinity of sports stadiums, and complex's will find themselves very busy.

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Filta Group has been helping the environment before being environmentally friendly was called being Green. Filta believes it is our personal responsibility to contribute to the environment. We're constantly in search of ways to be green internally and externally and strive every day to continue to do our part to preserve the environment. Every product and service that we offer goes through rigorous testing to ensure that we are increasing sustainability while saving our customers money. We believe it's our responsibility to keep you aware of what you can do to contribute.