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Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions Believes the Children are


Mar 11, 2013

On Thursday April 16th, Filta corporate will visit The Crenshaw School, in Orlando, Florida to demonstrate how their FiltaFry service, Bio-diesel conversion projects, and FiltaCool product help kitchens in schools, universities, amusement parks, quick service, and fine dining restaurants across the country increase sustainability, and act socially responsible. The Crenshaw School celebrates its Chemistry Week this week, so it is an opportune time for Filta to demonstrate its services. Filta will also share tips on how each student can act more environmentally conscious.

The children are our future, and it is important to educate them on various ways to act socially responsible on Earth Day and every day in between. So in keeping that message in mind, Filta will demonstrate to The Crenshaw students, grades PreK-12, the environmentally friendly services that their business performs on Earth Day, and during the other 364 days a year.

The demonstration will include a real-life oil filtration process, combined with the process of turning the used cooking oil into bio-diesel right before the student’s eyes. Each process has saved kitchens across the country over 50,000,000 pounds of cooking oil annually, which is a great benefit to the environment. To date, Filta has filtered 260,000,000 pounds of cooking oil across the world. The Crenshaw students will receive an activities sheet detailing the benefits of the FiltaFry service, so they can follow along with the instruction.

The activities sheet and demonstration will also include Filta’s most recent addition, FiltaCool. The FiltaCool product is also used in commercial kitchens across America, to increase the life of perishables, minimize waste and increase energy efficiencies. The students will have the chance to view real fruits and vegetables stored in a cooler with FiltaCool and fruits and vegetables stored without FiltaCool. The presence of mold growth on the non-FiltaCool fruits in comparison to the beautiful looking FiltaCool fruit is sure to grab the attention of the students.

In addition to demonstrating how the Filta business saves the environment, students will also learn how they can individually help with environment preservation. Filta’s tips will include simple tasks like turning lights off when exiting a room, or re-using cups when at home for drinks.

Filta has developed a business which focuses on sustainability and preservation and it is a social responsibility to educate the youth on what can be done as a community to keep our Earth pristine!

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Keira Sullivan at 407-996-5550 ext 207.