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Fashion, but Maybe Beside the Point


Mar 11, 2013

Now that the runways are a medium for just about everything — celebrity, marketing, corporations — you can never be sure of the message, if there is one at all. On Monday, before the Carolina Herrera show, guests entering the Bryant Park tents were offered samples of Tasti D-Lite ice cream. A moment later the socialite Tinsley Mortimer stopped to pose in her black lace outfit. Beyond her, some women in pink evening dresses held out trays of Evian. It was 10:15 a.m.

The self-elected group of insiders and fashionistas troops onward, hour by hour, like Sherpas toward Everest. Ultimately tens of millions of dollars will be spent on collections, but since only a small percentage will ever reach stores, you have to wonder what you’re supposed to understand? Or is it just the action in the broadest sense: the Tasti D-Lite girls, the Tinsleys, the odd twilight moments of genius you can’t possibly explain to someone tapping rapidly on an iPod Touch?