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Chicago Based Franchise Rises Above the Pack


Mar 11, 2013

More than 10 years after reading an article about franchising by Russ Frith the then president of IFA, Nick Shaw, 36, is now one of the leading franchisees with Lawn Doctor, a national lawn care franchise who’s current CEO is Russ Frith.

“I was stuck in a cubicle all day doing work I didn’t really enjoy. I remember reading several interviews with Russ and relating to his approach to business. So when I decided to leave corporate America, Lawn Doctor was a natural choice,” said Shaw.

Today Nick owns a successful Lawn Doctor location in the St. John, IN area which is a suburb of Chicago. He currently serves more than 900 customers with referrals coming in every day.

“Nick is exactly the type of franchisee we are looking for,” says said Scott Frith, Lawn Doctor’s Vice President of Marketing and Franchise Development and Russ’s son. “He has a strong business background but also understands the importance of taking care of each individual customer.”

Lawn Doctor makes it easy to run a successful franchise,” said Shaw. “From the beginning they have always exceeded my expectations in terms of support from the corporate office.”

Shaw and his team of lawn care technicians offer up to six lawn care treatments per year, and homeowners can get a free estimate of services, including a “60-second quote”

Lawn Doctor is the nation’s largest lawn care franchise that was started in the mid-60s by Tony Giordano, who saw an opportunity to provide high quality lawn care to communities across the nation. Since then, the franchise has expanded to almost 500 units nationwide.

Currently Lawn Doctor has six locations in the Chicago area and is looking to open 40 new locations in the area over the coming years.

"The brand platform we've built on is one of stability through innovation," said Scott Frith, Lawn Doctor’s Vice President of Franchise Development. He added that in the last year alone, management has "taken a critical look at every piece of the organization and determined ways to make it better,” in order for Lawn Doctor to experience its next growth spurt.

Founded in 1967, Lawn Doctor is a 450-plus-unit franchised American brand with local owners. The award winning franchise, including a No. 1 billing as best in category by Entrepreneur Magazine for more than 20 years straight, has established itself as a leader in the lawn care industry through innovative technology, its ability to satisfy the needs of consumers on a national level, and its development and expansion within the industry. For more information on Lawn Doctor, visit