Blue Coast Savings announces its plan to put Stimulus Money back into the hands of Business. | Be The Boss

Blue Coast Savings announces its plan to put Stimulus Money back into the hands of Business.


Mar 11, 2013

  1. Do a review of Workers Compensation Policies
  2. Leverage extended tax rulings before they expire
  3. Learn what your company can qualify for in Stimulus Money
  4. Review Waste Removal Costs
These 4 bullet items are just an example of the over 15 services that we provide across the country to businesses. We have found that, although complex in the review, if a business owner will take the time to have topics like this reviewed, they have the potential to find significant savings they have not taken advantage of.

Right now at the start of 2010, there are a handful of tax credits that were scheduled to run out at the end of last year, and they have been extended into 2010. We know many owners are to busy building their business to take the time to find out what they qualify for.

Find a company or service that will come in and do the review, if they have all the research teams of professionals, these services should be completed on a No Fee basis. The savings company should be able to tell from your company SIC Code what kind of savings they have been able to provide to similar company’s even before they start.

Shawn Hull, founder and owner of Blue Coast Financial Group, says “It’s great to see us being noticed in the marketplace as a company of stability, and especially from a publication of Inc.’s caliber. We have taken a lot of care to create a portfolio of services that our advisors can provide to their clients, saving them money in multiple facets of their operation, and on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to create ‘customers-for-life,’ becoming an integral part of our clients’ financial process.”

“Our focus coming into the next decade will include the ‘going green’ initiative,” says Mr. Hull, “and bringing services to the table that allow our clients to benefit as much as possible from their efforts to minimize the impact that their companies’ work has on our planet. “Blue Coast Savings currently offers 15 different financial services including Commercial Cost-Segregation, Worker’s Compensation Insurance Review and Recovery, Research & Development Tax Credits, Equipment Leasing, and Energy Deregulation programs. They continually open up new markets for their advisors, adding cutting-edge services to their offerings. Coupled with their state-of-the-art marketing systems, the Blue Coast Savings Group is poised for years of continued success.