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Blue Coast Brings Advisors Together in Detroit


Mar 11, 2013

Blue Coast Brings Advisors Together in Detroit

Blue Coast Financial Group continued bringing its advanced education and training into the field with a session in Detroit this August. The goal of the session was to provide additional training and insight in several areas of the business and how to work both more efficiently and more effectively.

“We provide an immense of resources to our Advisors through a multitude of mediums so that they can learn in the way that has proven best for them,” says Shawn Hull, owner of Blue Coast Financial “Our Resource Center has everything they need, all in one place and best of all, it’s available 24/7 for quick and easy access, providing informative pod-casts, training on each service, videos, marketing tools, webinars, live-interactive calls with our team of product experts, and more all with the latest updates on developments in the industries we serve. These advanced educational sessions that we are bringing into areas across the country provide our Advisors with the ability to gather in a team setting, share the methods of their success, and refine certain areas of their business that can operate more effectively by meeting with industry professionals who are at the top of their given field.” 

One example that demonstrates the caliber of the presentations and workshops is session provided by The Referral Institute. In addition to providing training, both Dawn Lyons, Executive Director, and Mike Macedonio, president, were there to share not only their success stories, but their methods of success in working with referrals. Mike is also the NY Times best-selling author of “Truth or Delusion,” a book that is being incorporated into the programs of many speakers and trainers across the country. Shawn’s thoughts are that “these are the type of people that can have a tremendous impact on how we work. We didn’t just bring in a speaker who understands his methods and perspectives, we brought in the man himself and his team.”

Response to the event was overwhelmingly positive with many advisors sharing their excitement:
Thank you and the team for another great meeting. Vegas really gave me a new direction for the business and this meeting really reinforced it. We have great company and I appreciate all that you do. -  Jeff 
Just wanted to say thank you for a great event. I have been to a lot of events over the last 20+ years but you always learn something new. I especially liked Tim and the stories from Ryan. I have a full appointment schedule next week so I hope to put all this great knowledge into practice!  - Simon

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent training in Detroit.  It has given me the confidence to really get after it.  I am very excited about the opportunity.  To be honest I wasn't really getting the concept of all the different companies, but now I see how the alliances you have formed was really a brilliant move. - Cordell

Blue Coast Financial offers a portfolio of business-to-business services designed to save companies money and help them become more cost-efficient. Their Advisors work nationwide providing 15 financial services including Worker’s Compensation Review and Recovery, Cost Segregation, Energy Deregulation, R&D Tax Credits, Equipment Leasing. This opportunity can be worked from home on either a part-time or full-time basis.

For more information on the Blue Coast Financial opportunity, please click the link below.