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'Arcade on wheels’ garnering lots of attention


Mar 11, 2013

Rising interest rates, falling stocks and an ailing housing market seem to be on lots of peoples’ minds these days. Not Scott Novis.

Novis is owner and founder of Game Truck, a local enterprise that he says is doing just fine, thank you.

Since launching the business two years ago, Novis has been experiencing a steady increase in bookings and the unfolding of what amounts to a modern-times success story.

“We incorporated on May 5th, 2006, and did our first Game Truck party that August. We ran one trailer for about a year; then last fall it all went nuts. We started building more trailers last October and haven't stopped.”

Recently, Novis completed franchise documentation to expand Game Truck to a new national level.

“I had no intention of opening shop in California but we've gotten so many calls (from there) we felt we had to meet demand. We sent our first trailer out there two weeks ago.”

The concept behind Game Truck is simple but ingenious: a complete multiplayer gaming experience made portable. Simply said, a state-of-the-art arcade on wheels.

The beauty of it comes in the details, though.

“We bring everything 16 people would need to play. Multiple copies of the most popular games, extra controllers. We even bring our own power. All you need to do is give us a place to park, people to play and we'll help you throw a great party.”

Designed for the Valley’s seasons, Game Trucks are amply air-conditioned, making them a great entertainment solution for people of all ages and interests. They are available for parties at a flat price, with no hidden fees or ‘nasty surprises,’ says Novis.

Asked about people’s reactions to the idea, Novis’ replied without hesitation. “They’re blown away.”

The written word, unfortunately, can’t do justice to the concept.

“For the gamer, you really have to be in it to experience it. The environment really is ideal for social video gaming. For the parents, they all tell us it is the easiest party they have ever thrown. The kids and the parents love it.”

There is no doubt that Game Truck will continue to grow as it enters the national stage, expanding into something greater than Novis’ could have ever expected.

“We started with one trailer in 2006 and I hoped it would do four parties a week. Today we could easily do 40 in a weekend.”

Information: www.gametruckparty.com