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American Business Systems being featured on Inside Business


Mar 11, 2013


American Business Systems being featured on Inside Business
Keller, Texas – November 25, 2009
Author: Adam Phillips

American Business Systems is being featured on a current episode of ‘Inside Business’ as part of the show’s series on Family Finance.

New and pending regulations are aimed at converting virtually all medical record keeping in the US to an electronic system. Once in place, Electronic Medical Records systems (EMR) will handle all patient charting, prescriptions, physician instructions and billing.

Many doctors are choosing to outsource their records and billing work.  With a massive ‘Baby Boomer’ population reaching the age when they will require more medical services on an ongoing basis, there is a huge potential for outsourcing professionals to fill this role.

Based in Keller, TX, American Business Systems is a national licensing company offering a comprehensive business system to entrepreneurs – one which is positioned to take advantage of the burgeoning EMR market.

‘EMR is vitally important to the future of medical records,’ says Patrick Phillips, founder of American Business Systems.  ‘Doctors have already been notified by the federal government that electronic billing is the new – and only acceptable – standard for filing claims.  Doctors’ offices are scrambling to get into compliance, which means a great opportunity for new ABS Licensees.’

The ABS system is unique in that all records are maintained online and the individual franchise holders, or Licensees, do not need to keep confidential patient information on their own local computer drives.

Outstanding in the franchise market is the company’s commitment to training and support, which includes lifetime access to a live support staff as well as ongoing marketing and technical training.