Three Signs of A Quality-Focused Franchise

Rob Lancit


Dec 08, 2015

If you don't get a quality product or service from a business, do you go back? If your answer to this question is no, you're certainly not alone. Many consumers feel the same way, which is why quality should be high on your list of requirements when choosing a franchise. Check out the following three signs of a quality franchise to ensure you're on the right track to success.

It passes your muster

Try the franchises you’re considering from a customer point of view. Order from those food franchises that interest you. If they have a physical location, be sure to go inside and have a complete food experience at least twice. If you’re eyeing a business such as carpet cleaning or some other service, go through it like any other customer would from start to finish. Don’t let on that you’re interested in being a franchisee because that can lead to an altered experience.

Your friends and family like it

Get a second opinion by having friends and family try the franchise’s products and/or services. This is especially helpful if there is no location or service available in your area but there is a location near someone else you know. Offer to pay for the product or service in return for your friend or relative’s informal review.

You get firsthand positive reviews

As part of your franchise research, you should talk to existing franchisees. Ask about the quality of the services and/or products being offered during your conversation with these franchisees. It might be difficult to get a clear answer outright if you bluntly ask about quality, so try to work it into the conversation in another way, such as asking about what the franchisee would change about a service or product if he or she could. A long list of change suggestions is a red flag because that means the current products or services aren't going over as well with customers as they should.

With such a big decision, you can't leave anything to chance, so make sure you're confident in your franchise's quality levels before you make your final choice. Belief in your products or services is a part of your success as a franchisee, so make sure yours is steadfast.

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