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The Waste Minimization Payoff for your Franchise

Rob Lancit


Jan 04, 2016

Waste minimization is a hot concept in consumers’ minds these days. "Recycle, reduce, reuse" has become so commonplace that both individuals and franchise businesses are making efforts to keep waste down in hopes of helping the environment and saving money.

As an incoming franchisee, you want to be on the cusp of wherever the consumer trends are going, and reducing waste is certainly high on that list. Read on to discover what a waste minimization mindset can do for your franchise.

You'll save some cash

When done correctly, reducing waste can help boost your profit. Little things, such as always trying to repair equipment before trashing it and binding scraps of paper together for informal notepads, do add up over time. Once you and your staff get into the habit of trying to actively reduce the amount of waste yourfranchise business produces, it will open the doors to more creative and cost-effective ways of running your operation on a daily basis.

You'll catch customers' eyes

With such an emphasis on recycling, reducing and reusing in U.S. and global culture today, it is only natural that consumers are responding to businesses that are taking steps to lessen waste and reuse more. Working to save the environment is something that can help you connect to your customers and your local community.

Speak to local environmental and governmental groups about the waste reduction and recycling programs that are available to your business. There might be assistance or even cash incentives available to help you in your efforts.

You'll become more mindful

A waste reduction program is a great way to help you manage inventory and other costs. When you're focused on reducing waste, you'll be looking at things like stock that is likely to expire before you'll use it and other areas that might cost your company money.

Waste minimization is one area that can pay off on many different levels for your franchise business. From cash savings to helping the environment, the mix of benefits you'll receive from trying to reduce your company's footprint is certainly worth the effort, so try to go into your new franchise with a plan already in mind.

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