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Promote and celebrate Entrepreneur's Day

November 21 is unofficially Entrepreneur's Day. America is the country where dreams can come true, so this is a day that should be heavily celebrated and promoted, especially by businesses that have achieved success and those that are looking to expand.

America would not be the country it is today without the entrepreneurs that make it their home. America is celebrated for being the type of country that people can come to with nothing and still establish themselves as business leaders, creating jobs, making products and launching globally recognized brands.


How to celebrate Entrepreneur's Day

If you have been inspired by the work of those who have gone before you, why not choose this date to launch a new business model? If you are already running a thriving enterprise, have you considered franchising as a way of growing your business? If you are a franchisee, are you truly working to your fullest potential?

Entrepreneur's Day is a day that reminds us of the importance of giving thanks to the people who have helped us to achieve success, those who have paved the way for businesses like ours to succeed and who fight tirelessly for our rights.

It is a day on which we respect the hard work and effort that goes into establishing and making a business successful, overcoming setbacks, and looking for opportunities to diversify and grow. On this day, we should celebrate the people who inspire us.


How to promote Entrepreneur's Day

Despite the efforts of former President Barack Obama, this day has yet to be formally recognized by the US government. However, with a joint effort by those who believe in this cause, it may be possible to collect the 50,000 votes that are needed to ask congress to make this day official [1].

Businesses that believe that Entrepreneur's Day is meaningful and should be celebrated can use the power of social media to spread the word, thanking their mentors and the people who inspire them, talking about their business, sharing their plans for the future, offering advice to those who are starting out, and spreading the word about how to achieve business success.

Another way in which Entrepreneur's Day can be promoted is by collaborating. Consider bringing together all of a franchise's branches for a day of mutual learning or joining together with other local businesses to share strategies, goals and success criteria. Networking in this manner is a great way of establishing links in the community and learning from the experiences of others.