Training Your Employees Right The First Time

Thomas Portesy


Mar 11, 2013

You have secured a location and signed an agreement with your franchise company. Now, the next challenge faces you - finding and training the employees you need for successful operation. Well-trained and dedicated employees are the key to a franchise location that thrives. This is especially true for retail and fast food locations. In these companies the lowest paid employees are the ones doing nearly all of the direct customer service. Failing to train them properly can have disastrous effects on your reputation.

Training the newest hires the right way ensures you don't have to spend time and money training them again after a string of failures. Interviewing and hiring a new replacement will cost even more. Start by choosing candidates that show a lot of interest and the willingness to work hard. You can teach your employees many skills, but you can't teach them to feel dedicated to their job.

If you don't have a lot of experience with running a cash register in a franchise store, it may be tricky to teach your new hires to do it. Outsourcing to a human resources firm that is experienced with your industry could help you get a better success rate. Your franchiser will also probably provide quite a bit of support in this area. They may have complete packages and programs that you can use to give your employees a basic level of knowledge. Some hands on training will always be required, but senior employees that understand the company core values will be able to help with this.

You can maximize your success with training by taking more care in the hiring process. Ask plenty of questions and take your time. If you have a pressing need to add more support for a busy shift, this can be challenging. However, you will only lose more in the long run by hiring an inappropriate worker. Check the references and test their skills before you invest in training and a load of paperwork for someone that will only stay with you for a few days or weeks.