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Learning About Social Media For Franchisees

Most marketing gurus will remind you over and over again that social media networks are the key to success in this modern age. However, they often forget to highlight the differences between the many networks. Not all social sharing websites are created equally when it comes to promoting a franchise business. You will see the best results if you tailor your efforts to the strengths and weaknesses of each unique network.


This network includes about 75 million accounts, which is equal to about 25% of the country's population. Measurements from research teams show that the network grows by around 300,000 accounts in each 24-hour period. Twitter has a massive user base, making it ideal for reaching both existing and potential customers. If you take the time to hunt down people in your target market or regional area, you could reach out to them and build your audience by quite a bit.


With 400 million regular users, you have a chance of reaching thousands of new customers, even if you run a business that is geographically limited or appeals to a small group of consumers. Research shows that a full 30% of Facebook users have an income of at least $50,000 and nearly half of them are over 26. You can reach both older adults with plenty of disposable income and younger shoppers looking for cutting edge technology. This is also the best platform for interaction. You can clearly brand your messages and talk to multiple visitors at once without a lot of effort. It also provides the best chance for word of mouth marketing.


With hours of content being uploaded every minute, Youtube has captured the attention of millions of daily viewers. The average Internet user spends a full 15 minutes watching content on the website each day. Branded videos can convince complete strangers to make a purchase, but they aren't particularly helpful for regular interaction. Focus on reaching out with a joke or useful information to help your clip spread virally.


A full 100 million people viewed blogs on a daily basis during 2012 and the number is expected to rise this year. Many people use Facebook and Twitter just to find blog posts to read. These messages are personal and can be tailored to a single customer's questions or concerns. They are also a great way to request feedback from engaged visitors or to keep everyone updated on the news.