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Michael Wilson of Fibrenew International


Jul 31, 2018

A View Inside the Unique Fibrenew Franchise Business

A mobile franchise business that focuses on the niche services of leather, vinyl and plastic restoration in multiple industries, Fibrenew has a unique culture thanks to Michael Wilson, its CEO. Unlike other services in this category that focus on reupholstery, this brand's technique actually repairs burns, stains, cracks, fading and more on any type of vinyl, leather and plastic right on site, without the need for the items to be removed. These repairs also only cost a fraction of what replacement would, according to Wilson.

Wilson, who was born in New Zealand and has also lived on the Canadian High Arctic and the Australian Outback, bought this unique business shortly after it began franchising in 1994. He had been searching for franchise opportunities because he had lost his construction business in the recession, so when he and his wife were offered the chance to buy the restoration company from its owners, they took it. Shortly after their purchase, the Wilsons expanded it across Canada and into the USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Today, there are more than 230 locations across five different countries.

The franchisee experience

According to the CEO, one of the advantages of being a franchisee with this brand is the ability to generate solid income with hard work and focus. This brand has a flat rate system for its royalties, which also means franchisees do not have to do financial reporting.

While no specialized experience is required of prospective franchisees, they do need to be able to distinguish between colors, as that is a crucial part of the repair process. Ideally, incoming franchisees enjoy working with their hands and using tools and also talking to potential customers about the services provided.

The market is wide for franchisees with this brand as vinyl, plastic and leather are found in offices, planes, schools, homes and just about everywhere else. Restoration is often cheaper and faster than replacement, so it's convenient and helps save money.

Those considering exploring Fibrenew franchise opportunities are encouraged to do their due diligence as they would with any other opportunity, as noted by Wilson. According to the CEO, the phone numbers of all the brand's franchisees are listed on its official website, and those interested in joining should call and speak to at least ten current franchisees. He also recommends that prospective franchisees spend some time on the job with existing ones.

This mobile franchise is currently seeking franchisees in several areas, and the initial investment ranges from $93,250 to $104,800.