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How Much do TruBlue Home Services Franchisees Earn?


Nov 22, 2023

The affordable initial total investment to start operation of a TruBlue franchise is from just $70,050 to $96,400, including $49,900 paid to the franchisor or an affiliate.


Too busy to keep up with home maintenance or repairs?  The TruBlue Home Service Ally handyman and home maintenance franchise can help with preventive home maintenance, home modifications for seniors and general handyman services. It is one company that handles it all. Great for busy adults and families, and for seniors that want to remain in their homes for as long as possible.  TruBlue Total House Care has become a top choice for entrepreneurs who are looking to enter this fast-growing market.

When asked “How much  can I make with a TruBlue business?”, TruBlue’s president Sean Fitzgerald states “We have not seen the cap to what a single territory can deliver upon. The scalability of our business and the demand for our services are so high, we really don’t know the full potential at this point. We are just scratching the surface.”

“We don’t have brick-and-mortar locations, we don't buy equipment or products and the labor requirements are simple.  We are offering very simple projects around the home, which cost very little in terms of material. This all allows us to control our profit margins better.”



TruBlue advantages include:

  • Simplified business model
  • Recurring service programs create long-term clients
  • Low monthly overhead costs
  • Affordable initial total investment
  • Extensive and ongoing training and coaching


What services does TruBlue offer?

  • Handyman services
  • Home modification
  • Home maintenance services
  • Home safety assessments for safe living environments for seniors aging in place
  • Installing grab bars in the bathtub
  • Changing air filters
  • Updating kitchen cabinets
  • Emergency repairs


Seniors and busy families can stay on top of routine maintenance with TruBlue's recurring services subscription programs that offer various services that are scheduled throughout the year. Keeping ahead of small, regular home projects often means avoiding costly repairs down the road.

Fitzgerald says: “The handyman business is a great business in-and-of-itself, but when you add the angle of seniors, the sky is really the limit. We have a much broader base than many other senior focused companies. Plus, the more frequently we are in the home, the more revenue and opportunity. The demand is extremely high, and we are keeping up with it. It is a very scalable business and because of that, the potential is huge in every market area. As long as there are homes and busy adults and seniors, we have an opportunity. You don’t see it that often in franchising.”

The senior population continues to grow, and they need trustworthy support that they know they can count on. For TruBlue, who offers precisely that, this means strong and continuous business growth, offering endless potential.

“Clients are yearning for someone they can trust to offer professional handyman and home maintenance services. When TruBlue comes along in a new market, we do extremely well, and that makes for a great business model and an attractive franchise opportunity for prospects to consider.”


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