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Lucas Catenacci of F45 Training


Jul 06, 2017

F45 Training (short for “functional training in 45 minutes”) delivers premium team training in a boutique studio environment. Born in Australia, the brand has taken to fitness world by storm opening over 800 studios worldwide and is now aggressively growing in the U.S.

The brand plans to have more than 400 U.S. studios open by the end of 2017. One of the most recently opened F45 franchise locations is in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District, featuring 1,750 square foot workout space in addition to a 1,100 square foot area for locker rooms. It’s the perfect place to discover F45’s unique approach, which offers innovative, high intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and proven to get rapid results. NYC Franchisee Lucas Catenacci shares his love for the brand below.

How did you first discover F45?

I was traveling in Australia and visiting a friend in Perth who had opened one in Scarborough Beach. I took a class, spoke to him at length about his experience and was immediately intrigued.

What motivated you to take the leap to open a F45 franchise?

Crossing paths with F45 was a case of right place, right time. I had just left my job in finance without a solid plan, but knowing I wanted to start my own gym. F45 was the perfect opportunity. When I met CEO Adam Gilchrist and some of the other owners, it was a done deal for me.

How has your previous employment experience aided your position with F45?

My background is finance, which was helpful in choosing a business with a sound financial business model – and that’s what F45 offers its franchise owners. My experience has definitely helped when weighing financial and budgetary decisions along the way so far.

What was the most challenging part of the opening process? What was the most rewarding?

The most challenging part was finding a suitable location in Manhattan while trying to stick to a budget. I didn't have much experience with commercial real estate so there was definitely a learning curve, but I feel like I'm all the better for it having gone through the growing pains. The most rewarding was definitely the opening day, and being able to see more than a year of hard work bear fruit.

What aspect of the day-to-day operations do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy interacting with members. Shooting the breeze in between classes and forming friendships that go beyond the gym is what really builds the community, and that is the most fun and most rewarding part for me.

How has your life changed since opening an F45?

I'm busy all the time, but it doesn't feel like work. I "work" 12+ hours a day, but not because I have to. I really enjoy every bit of my day. I also feel like I've become a more well rounded person as a result of the skills I have learned and relationships I've forged during this whole experience.


F45 Training is a global fitness training community specialising in innovative, high intensity group workouts which are fast, fun and proven to get rapid results for members. Endorsed by celebrities and athletes alike, F45 training’s commitment to innovation goes well beyond the gym floor.

With an ever-growing suite of proprietary fitness and business technology, F45 Training provides an unprecedented level of insight and control for both clients and franchisees.

F45 Training’s popular training method, together with its low-cost, highly systemised business model has seen this fitness phenomenon explode across the globe, with over 800 franchises sold across 26 countries in just 3 years.