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Wayback Burgers Franchise Business Partners with BGCA


Aug 20, 2018

Retro burger joint chain Wayback Burgers will be partnering with the nonprofit Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA). The organization runs after-school care programs across the US, and the franchise business has a goal of supporting younger people in reaching their full potential, particularly those who need extra help.

The new nationwide partnership is going to involve many major fundraisers and initiatives. Over the next two years, a portion of the proceeds for each sandwich or burger bought at a participating Wayback location will be donated to the BGCA. In addition, the burger brand and its franchisees have pledged a minimum annual donation of $100,000 and a maximum of $150,000.

On top of the financial commitment, Wayback is also introducing a new workforce training initiative that is designed to teach members of the BGCA the life and work skills needed as they grow into young adults. The BGCA logo will also be added on some of burger brand's packaging materials and possibly staff member uniforms to inform the public of the collaboration.

Brand President John Eucalitto, who has a long relationship with BGCA, said he is devoted to improving the outcomes for one of the most vulnerable demographics in the nation. According to Eucalitto, the brand has been looking for a charity for years and BGCA is the ideal fit.

Wayback will also be holding two nationwide fundraiser days, the first of which is slated for August 11. The brand is asking people to visit their local location to help millions of kids in conjunction with their "Back2School" campaign, which is focused on the charity's after-school care programs for kids and teens. Ten percent of participating restaurants' daily sales on that day will be donated to that cause.

Patrick Conlin, the brand's Senior Vice President, noted that he looked forward to the workforce training program, which will give BGCA members access to local Wayback locations. He said that because higher education doesn't work for all kids, workforce training at an earlier age is critical and will help the children develop useful life skills, such as how to act in an interview.

Wayback Burgers, known for its delicious burgers and shakes, is currently offering franchise opportunities in many areas. The franchise fee for one of these franchise opportunities is $35,000, and the total initial investment ranges from $300,000 to $400,000.